Academic Grievances


Students who are experiencing academic problems, either with a grade or other conditions of the course, should first discuss the matter with the professor. It is the professor’s responsibility to explain fully all grades and requirements of the course. If the problem is not resolved, the student or professor should consult the department head. Should further action be required, the matter should be brought to the dean of the school.

Any grievance concerning a grade that has not been satisfactorily resolved by the teacher, the department head, or the dean may be appealed to the Provost. The grade may be appealed on the basis of a question concerning: (1) clerical or numerical error, (2) personal bias or arbitrary grading. The formal appeal must be made within the first eight weeks of the term immediately following the grading period in which the grade is received. If the grievance can be equitably settled, the matter will be closed. If an agreement acceptable to the teacher and the student cannot be reached through the Provost’s mediation, the case will be referred to Academic Council for action. The decision of Academic Council will be final.

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