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Student Life


Student Life Commitee directs attention to the concerns and well-being of the students at Meredith College. It serves as an open forum before which any student, faculty, staff, administrator, or trustee may appear to discuss matters related to student concerns and student life, creates focus groups composed of members of the Meredith community that will study issues related to student life, promotes any research and planning necessary to meet the changing needs of the Meredith community, and is an avenue for student input through means such as forums, suggestion boxes, and e-mail.

We are unveiling "Help Us Grow" -- an online comment box open to all Meredith students. This will be checked weekly and comments will be read during meetings.

Commitee Members
Chair: Cecelia Blair
Vice Chair: Meghan Thedford
Senior Representatives: Senttra Snowden, 2 open positions
Junior Representative: Laura Beth Lane, Taylor Haines, 1 open position
Sophomore Representatives: Taylor Hudgins, Alexandra McRee, Kiosha Cummings, Nicole Milano
Freshman Representatives: 3 open positions
MIA Representative: Rebecca Naliaka
WINGS Representative: 1 open position
AMC Representative: 1 open position
Resident Life Representative: Ila Torfin
Advisor: Prof. Jane Terry and Dr. Barry Koster

Contact Information:

105 Cate Center
Phone: (919) 760-8633
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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