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Branches of SGA


To view the Meredith SGA constitution, click here.

It shall be the purpose of the Senate to recommend changes in the constitution and in the regulations of the SGA, to review present and proposed organizational constitutions, to propose some legislation/regulation changes, and to approve or reject any legislation/regulation change.
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Student Activities Fee Commitee (SAF):
The purpose of the SAF Committee shall be to oversee the SAF fund to the inclusiveness and benefit of the Meredith community.
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Residents Housing Association (RHA):
The purpose of RHA shall be to provide a living and learning environment in the residence halls and on-campus apartments where each student is able to develop as a well-rounded individual and as a contributing member of the community. RHA strives to provide an atmosphere which is conducive to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and vocational development of students. RHA is committed to serving the total educational experience of individual students by providing a climate for the exchange of ideas, an atmosphere for broadening intellectual activity, and a setting for the interaction of women.
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As of May 2013, Apartment Association and Residence Hall Association combined to form Residents Housing Association.

Women in New Goal Settings (WINGS):
The purpose of WINGS shall be to provide information, fellowship, support, and leadership opportunities for all nontraditional students at Meredith; to serve as a liaison between the nontraditional student and the on-campus community; and to voice nontraditional student concerns through representation on the SGA Executive Committee. Find out more.

Elections Board:
The purpose of the Elections Board shall be to supervise and promote all class and campus elections, and to supervise all referendums as called by the SGA Executive Board. Find out more.

Student Life:
The purpose of the Student Life Committee shall be to direct attention and study to the concerns and well-being of the students at Meredith College.
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Association of Meredith Commuters (AMC):
The purpose of the AMC shall be to represent the body of commuters in the Student Government Association as well as to provide a network of support and services to all commuters.
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Honor Council:
The purpose of the Honor Council shall be to foster and protect the community environment (both socially and academically), to promote personal integrity and responsibility in each student, and to model ethical leadership by example and precept.
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