Association of Meredith Commuters (AMC)


The purpose of the Association of Meredith Commuters is to represent the body of commuters in the Student Government Association as well as to provide a network of support and services to all commuters. As the Association of Meredith Commuters, it our goal to best serve our commuters in ways such as making their adjustment to Meredith College as smooth as possible, making commuters aware of the various tools on campus that are available for them, and appreciating commuters because they are a very important part of campus.

Membership is composed of all commuter students enrolled at Meredith College. In order to run for a particular position on AMC Executive Board, you may run during campus elections. If offices on the AMC Executive Board are still available after elections are over, you may fill out a form and be interviewed for a position.

Executive Board:
President: Kelly Soares
Vice President: Hawa Tuli
Secretary: Sabrina Miz
Treasurer: Elizabeth Jaimes
Publicity Chair: Taisir Idries
Senators: Thient San and Rachel Barrera\
Honor Council Reps: Megan Sladek and Sahley Razai
Student Life Rep: Llewellyn Esteban
Elections Board Rep: Brittany Redmon

The Association of Meredith Commuters will be holding several events this semester as well as becoming involved in a service project. These events include: Commuter Appreciation Day, Commuters’ Valentine’s Day, Commuter Appreciation Week, and the End of Year Commuter Bash. For our service project this year, we have decided upon becoming involved in April’s Angels.

If you are interested in becoming involved on our AMC Executive Board, participating in our service project, or have any questions, please contact either our advisor or the president of AMC and they will be happy to assist you.

Advisor: Tomecca Sloan
President: Kelly Soares

Contact Information:

105 Cate Center
Phone: (919) 760-8633
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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