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According to a recent study, 95%of women are financial decisionmakers, and 84% of married women are either solely or jointly responsible for household financial decisions. That same study found that women lack confidence when it comes to making financial decisions.*

At Meredith, we'll prepare you to take responsibility for yourself and your own success in all areas of your life, including your finances. Through StrongPoints, you'll begin to develop the skills you need to care for yourself in this essential, but often overlooked, aspect of your life.

Here are some of the ways you'll build your financial literacy through StrongPoints:

  • Learn to build a budget that distinguishes between wants and needs
  • Develop an understanding of issues that maximize your credit score
  • Understand comparative details of compensation packages
  • Practice negotiating skills for job offers, benefits packages, promotions, and more


*Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women, 2010−11 Prudential Research Study


Contact Information:

Candice Webb
Director of StrongPoints
(919) 760-8341
Toll-Free: 1-800-MEREDITH
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