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Students working on a shelter in Costa Rica

We know that much of your learning will happen outside of the classroom - that's why 94% of our students participate in some form of experiential learning. From choosing an appropriate internship to studying abroad, your experiential learning will complement your overall academic experience through your participation in StrongPoints.

Here are some of the ways you'll plan your experiential learning:

  • Seek significant out-of-class experiences, such as research, study abroad, service learning, leadership on campus, community involvement, and/or athletics, that test and enhance your learning and development
  • Weave experiential involvement into career direction and strength development
  • Track your experiences so that you can present a comprehensive picture when it comes time to interview for jobs or graduate school

StrongPoints in Action | Experiential Learning

Using Strengths While Studying Abroad

study abroad in spainWhen a group of 11 Spanish students prepared to study abroad in Spain during the summer of 2014, their professor, Jonathan Wade, took a different approach, one that builds on StrongPoints. He asked them to take a strengths assessment, followed by a Strengths 101 workshop.

Knowing the students’ strengths gave him insights that helped him support students as they responded to being in a different culture, both individually and as a group. And students were able consider how to approach both challenges and positive experiences using their strengths.

StrongPoints and Residence Life

At Meredith, approximately 700 students live in residence halls on campus. So when Heidi LeCount, director of Residence Life, was designing a program model for her Resident Assistants (RA) to use to help foster community and encourage learning outside of the classroom, StrongPoints was the perfect jumping off point.

LeCount guides Resident Assistants and Directors to develop in-depth programming around the four areas of StrongPoints. The flexibility of StrongPoints gives RAs the ability to adjust programs based on their own strengths and interests as well as the developmental stage of their residents. So, for a program on financial literacy, an RA in a first-year residence hall might address budgeting, while for seniors they might discuss the finer points of leasing an apartment.

"I’m using StrongPoints in all of the ways I work with students, whether in my department or in a leadership development workshop."Heidi LeCount, Director, Residence Life



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"A student who focuses on her strengths becomes aware that she needs others around her who have different strengths, as each individual brings something unique to the group."Heidi LeCount, Director of Residence Life


of Meredith seniors receive career guidance from professors and advisors


of our students participate in internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, or another kind of experiential learning


of recent Meredith alumnae were satisfied with their academic experience


over the past three years, 93% of our alumnae are employed or pursuing graduate study within a few short months of graduation