Wellness / WOW! (Employee Wellness)

Working on Wellness (WOW!) at Work is Meredith’s faculty/staff wellness program. The program is open to all Meredith employees.

WOW! offers exercise and educational programming to increase personal awareness regarding each employee’s health and wellness; current health risk status, opportunities for risk reduction, programming for improvements, and coaching for the implementation of positive lifestyle change.

We do this by offering each employee the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. Some programs take place on campus, and some are individual and self-directed. All programs are designed to recognize and support healthy lifestyle habits and by being a member of WOW!, your efforts are noticed.

Did you know that each year when Meredith representatives evaluate our health-insurance provider, all employees benefit by being in shape, or on the right track to fitness? It is true. It is more cost-effective for insurance providers to cover healthy individuals, so we all benefit.

WOW! membership benefits include:

  • On-campus group exercise classes
  • Wellness release time 
  • Access to all educational and incentive-based programming offered through or supported by WOW! (details of specific programs located below under programming)


It’s So Easy! Joining WOW is just a click away by completing the online registration form. That’s it! Once you are a member, you will have unlimited access to all our programs, prizes, and incentives.  Contact Pat Clements at 919-760-8556 for more information.

Cost of WOW! group fitness will remain at the reduced rate from last year of $30 for the semester. If you haven’t already done the math for class participation, one class costs $2.50; two classes $1.25; three classes $0.83; and four classes $0.63 per class per semester!!  This really is an amazing value that you can’t find anywhere off campus, and the more classes you participate in, the higher the value.  So do your budget and your body a favor this fall and join WOW! group fitness. 

The first two weeks of class is the “get to know the class” trial period for anyone who’s been sitting on the fence and unsure about a class.  Semester registration can be paid by cash or check (made out to Meredith College with “WOW! Fall 2016” in the memo) and sent via campus mail, or hand delivered to Pat Clements in 207 Johnson Hall by Tuesday, September 20. 

Remember to visit our WOW! webpage to fill out the online registration/liability form prior to participating in any group fitness activities.

Contact Mary Johnson at 919-760-8535 or Pat Clements at 919-760-8556 for more information.


Summer 2016 Group Fitness Begins June 6, 2016

Mondays starting September 12

Cardio Dance, 5:15-6:16 p.m., - Erica Roelofs, Instructor – Movement Lab
Cardio Dance is a high energy dance fitness class that incorporates cardio moves and choreography to a variety of music such as pop, hip hop, and modern alternative music. All levels of fitness are welcome as dance moves can be modified to be easier or harder and dance moves will be taught throughout the class.

New Instructor Info:

Erica Roelofs is an Instructor at Meredith College teaching Exercise & Sport Science courses in the Nutrition, Health, and Human Performance Department. She enjoys teaching and participating in many types of exercises and activities and is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Tuesdays starting September 13

Barre, 12:00-1:00 p.m., - Brittany Ridgeway, Instructor – Movement Lab

A Barre workout targets many different muscle groups all within an hour class. Arm work to tone many different muscles in the arms, thigh work to tone the quads and hamstrings, seat work to tone your "back side", core work to tone the abdominal muscles, and other smaller exercises to quickly tone other parts of the body. All of this combined with stretching out the muscles worked, makes for a great total body workout.  This class is for ALL fitness levels with modifications to easily accommodate anyone’s ability. 

New Instructor Info:

Brittany Ridgeway ‘16 is a recent Meredith College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting.  Brittany found and fell in love with Barre in 2014 acquiring her certification in BarreAmped in July 2014. She loves teaching this style and is looking forward to joining the WOW! program. Brittany also works at Releve Dancewear in Cary as an inventory manager, and teaches at different studios around the Triangle.

Tuesdays starting September 6

Flow Yoga, 5:15-6:16 p.m., - Holly Fischer, Instructor – Movement Lab
Flow Yoga is a practice that links breath with movement and is appropriate to participants of all levels who are looking for a vigorous and challenging class for both the mind and body.  The format of the class will be consistent in structure, so that participants will be able to see marked improvement and increased confidence with regular attendance.

Wednesdays starting September 7

Boot Camp, 12:00-1:00 p.m., - Alison Katschkowsky, Instructor – WSP Gym
Boot Camp is a total body workout.  Getting the maximum calorie burn, this class will challenge you to your limits.  Using weights, medicine balls, resistance tubing and body weight exercises, you will work your entire body from head to toe.  Within the group though, modifications are made wherever necessary and being fit isn't a requirement.  We will help you achieve your best level of fitness!  Class will meet in the gym, and on occasion, we will go outdoors, or to another location when necessary.

Fridays starting September 9

All Levels Yoga, 12:00-1:00 p.m., - Dianne Raubenheimer, Instructor – Chapel Common Room
All Levels Yoga class will focus on building skillful body alignment principles within a full range of asana (poses), woven together with the flow of breath. Classes cater to all levels of ability, with gentler modifications suggested as needed, more advanced poses added as appropriate, while providing opportunities for all to explore their boundaries. Suitable for those new to yoga or those wishing to advance their practice. Classes begin and end with mindful centering and integration.  Therapeutic movements designed to increase range of motion, build strength and flexibility, and reduce stress.

Nutrition Counseling

Katie Ort, RD, LDN, nutritionist with Healthy Diets, Inc., is available to provide one on one nutrition counseling sessions to help you with your diet/nutrition needs and goals. Sessions are covered, on a limited basis, through CIGNA Health Plans.

Contact Katie Ort directly by phone (919) 870-1001 selecting option 3 for the dedicated Meredith wellness line, or via email meredithnutrition@healthydietsinc.com for more information on scheduling an appointment and insurance co-pays.


Contact Information:

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Director of the Health Center

110 Carroll Hall
(919) 760-8535
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