Student Computing


Meredith Provided Services For Students

The Technology Services department provides support for all Meredith owned technology equipment that is used by students and employees.  Support is limited to wireless connectivity and printing issues on student's personal laptops. Technology Services suggest these recommended local vendors for both hardware and software support on student's personal equipment.  

Laptop Minimum Specs

To provide network access and printing support on personal laptops, Windows or Mac, equipment must have the following minimum specifications.  

Wireless Access

Meredith College supports two different wireless SSIDs.  Students and guests with connection issues should contact the Help Desk.

  • Meredith2009-10 (password protected available to students & employees)
  • meredith-public (available to everybody)

Campus Card (camcard)

Students are issued a campus card, referred to as camcard, while they are at Meredith College.  The camcard can be used both on and off campus for meal plans, debit accounts, access to facilities, restaurants, and campus printing.

Students and parents can add money to the camcard.  See Manage MyID.

Campus Printing

Meredith College provides pay for print and copy solutions for students. The goal is to ease print costs and contribute to the greening of the campus by reducing wasteful printing.  For more information on the different print solutions offered to students see Campus Printing and Copying.

Google Apps

All students are provided with a Google Apps education account.  Gmail, one of the components of the suite, is tailored for Meredith to use as its primary email package:  For more details visit Google Apps.


Students are issued accounts to Blackboard, a web-based content management system used to share documents, resources, and online tools. Faculty use Blackboard to supplement course materials, such as syllabi, readings, assignments, tests, journals, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and grade posting. Many student organizations and committees use Blackboard to share materials and communicate securely with one another.


Students are issued accounts to WebAdvisor, a web-based package providing access to personal and college-related information.  Students can check grades, register for classes, access MCAlert, and download GData.

Internet Security (virus protection)

New students and students not participating in the now discontinued laptop program are eligible for a free copy of the G-Data Internet Security program for Windows (Mac G-Data is not provided - see Campus Software).

This is a one year renewable license.  Students will get the serial number and download site through their Webadvisor accounts.

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is a library of "atom-sized bites" movie tutorials that answer "How do I do that?" questions for both Windows and Mac platforms. Meredith College offers students, parents and family members of students, and employees 24/7 access to Atomic Learning from school and home.

Students should access Atomic Learning through their Blackboard Accounts.  For the Atomic Learning website login information contact the Help Desk.

Telephone jacks (residence halls)

Technology Services manages phone connectivity between the phone switch and the student's room in all residence halls and the apartment building.  Students must furnish their own telephone and pay a $50 fee per room for the academic year.  Long distance service is available.

Course evaluations

Meredith College uses CoursEval, a web-based, online software package.  For more information see Course Evaluation.


Select software packages are available to students as a download via Blackboard accounts.  Professors will advise students when this option is possible.  Free productivity software packages are available to students while they are enrolled at Meredith College. For more information see Campus Software.

Software is available on open and restricted department lab computers.  For locations and information see Computer Labs.

Contact Information:

Noel House
Phone: (919) 760-2803
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