Campus Software


Meredith College's membership with the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) provides an economical way to manage software licensing.SPSS and Parallels Desktop for Mac software is available for purchase at discounted prices.   See Purchasing Software.

Software Downloads Via Blackboard

Select software packages will be available for download via the students Blackboard account.  Students will get notice from their professors if a software Package is available.  See Blackboard Software Download.

Productivity Software

Microsoft Office 365 is available as a free download for all students while they are enrolled at Meredith. For sign-up requirements contact Technology Services at (919) 760-8044. Download the 365 Installation Instructions.

Google Apps is provided to all students via their Google education account. For more information visit Google Apps.

LibreOffice is a free productivity suite for both Windows and Mac platforms.  File transition between Office and Libre formats works well and is easy. For information and downloads visit LibreOffice.

Support Software

G-Data Virus Protection for Windows: New students and students not participating in the laptop program are eligible for a free copy of the G-Data Internet Security program for Windows.  The license is good for one year and can be renewed. Students will obtain licenses through their Webadvisor accounts.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac: Students who bring Macs to campus may take advantage of free anti-virus software provided by Sophos. Be sure to select the correct product that works with the version of Mac OS installed on your laptop. For information and downloads visit Sophos.

Atomic Learning:  Meredith's site license provides access for students, family members, and employees to an automated tutorial knowledge base, providing support for PC and Mac software. Students can access AL through their Blackboard accounts.  Contact Help Desk for ID and password if accessing the Meredith Portal via the Atomic Learning Website.

Academic Software

SPSS:  IBM's SPSS, provides predictive analytics software.  It is installed on all Meredith owned computers.  Student copies of SPSS (Standard GradPak) are available for purchase through Varsity Buys.  See Purchasing Software.

SAS/JMP:  Meredith College has site licenses for SAS's Education Analytic Suite (EAS) and JMP, software linking statistics with interactive graphics.

  • SAS/JMP e-Learning: On-line learning modules for both the the EAS suite and are available for all Meredith employees and students. An account profile and activation is required to use the e-Learning modules.
  • For account setup, activation, and using the learning modules, students and employees should visit the web site SAS e-Learning.
  • JMP is installed via the student's or employee's Blackboard account.
  • EAS installation will need to be arranged with the Help Desk.

Fathom can be downloaded and installed on student laptops via their Blackboard account.  Fathom is installed on library loaner laptops and open computer labs.

Sketchpad is installed in the SMB lab, Cate Center lab, and all library loaner laptops.  Sketchpad is also bundled with text books for specific classes.

Graphing Calculator is installed in the SMB and Cate Center labs and library loaner laptops. Students may purchase a one-year or permanent license at discounted prices by visiting PacificT.

Logger Pro is installed on all Meredith Computer lab computers and can be installed on student's laptops.  Registration to Technology Services software download page via Blackboard is required.  Download Instructions.

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