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Student Print and Copy Requirements

Meredith College utilizes a pay for print model to manage costs on networked printer/copier equipment.  New students will receive a one-time credit of $5.00 on their camcards to use for printing or copying.  See Print & Copy Costs.

Students, or parents of students, are required to manage camcard finances to ensure sufficient money for printing. Meredith uses the GET platform for management of Camcard Funds. You can reach the site to manage your funds by clicking here

To print to the Meredith network, students must have a current NetId, an active camcard with proper funding, and the proper print drivers installed on their laptop.

Visit MyMeredith - MCTech, then select Student Printing to install print drivers, to view print help documents, and find printer locations.

Network Printers/Copier Equipment

Networked black and white and color laser printers are located in residence halls, the apartments, and computer labs. Students have access to all printer/copiers (B&W and color) located in common areas through out the campus.

Print and Copy Center

Students and employees are encouraged to use the Print and Copy Center for regular, high-volume, and specialized printing projects. Print and copy jobs can be submitted two ways; electronically via the Print and Copy online portal walk-in.  Print and copy jobs are no longer accepted via email. Plan ahead and use the Center to reduce costs. See Print Center Costs.  

Visit MyMeredith - then select the Print and Copy tab for complete details on costs, location, specials, and the online portal.

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