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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has been selected to be the health insurance carrier for Meredith College students for the 2015-16 academic year.  This major medical plan meets the requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act in March 2012.

Meredith students are required to have health coverage. If you want to enroll in Meredith's BCBS Insurance, or wish to opt out by completing a waiver with your personal insurance information, visit BCBSNC Insurance.

Student Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Meredith requiring health insurance?

Many Meredith students have health insurance, but for those who do not, an injury or illness could be costly and possibly affect a student’s ability to remain in school and progress toward a degree. Meredith feels that all students benefit from having health insurance to help offset costs of an unexpected illness or accident. Conversely, students without health insurance do not have access to needed specialty care or hospitalization and may attempt to continue their academic pursuits but fail to reach their full potential because of their untreated illness.

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What Meredith students are required to have health insurance?

Eligible students required to have health insurance are:

  • All full-time undergraduate students
  • licensure only students
  • pre-health students
  • international students
  • students studying in a Meredith study abroad program (Sansepolcro)
  • dietetic interns

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What are the annual policy dates and rates for 2015-2016?

The BCBSNC annual coverage is effective from August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016.

  • Annual rate - $2164

What are the spring/summer policy dates and rates for 2015-2016?

The BCBSNC spring/summer coverage is effective from January 1, 2016 - July 31, 2016.

  • Spring/summer rate - $1263

Review the current plan with BCBS NC.

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I already have health insurance. What do I need to do so I don't get billed? How do I meet this requirement?

Students who have health insurance coverage must waive out every year while enrolled at Meredith College.

Eligible students with an existing health insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans, or employer-sponsored plans, etc.) will automatically be enrolled in the plan Meredith offers and will be charged $2164 on their student account for the health insurance UNLESS:

Students must have an active, creditable health insurance plan AND complete the on-line waiver between January 27, 2016.

It is important that you complete this waiver EVERY YEAR while at Meredith. Students who do not complete this waiver will be charged for the student health insurance on their Meredith student account. 

To waive this requirement, go to the BCBS website and select "WAIVER." When the waiver is submitted and approved between November 16, 2015 - January 27, 2016 your student account will be credited for the health insurance charge. 

If a waiver is not submitted by January 27, 2016, the charge on your student account will remain and cannot be removed.

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I do NOT have health insurance. What do I need to do?

All eligible students WITHOUT an existing health insurance policy:

  • Students may elect the plan Meredith offers and opt to enroll OR
  • Choose to purchase an active, creditable insurance plan of their choice and complete the waiver on-line.
  • Students who do not complete an on-line waiver by September 11, 2015 will be charged for the student health insurance offered by Meredith College and will automatically be enrolled in the plan.
  • Please enroll prior to September 11, 2015 (end of waiver period).  You will receive your BCBSNC insurance card early.
  • If a waiver is not submitted by September 11, 2015, you will automatically be enrolled in the plan Meredith offers and the charge of $2164 on your student account will remain and cannot be removed.  Your health insurance card should arrive by late September.

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Can I purchase insurance from an outside agency (not the plan Meredith provides)?

Yes.  You can purchase health insurance from an outside agency, however, the health insurance plan you purchase must be active and creditable.

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Do I have to complete a waiver to verify my insurance each year?

Yes. All eligible students need to complete the on-line waiver to verify their insurance information annually.

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As a resident student at Meredith College, I pay a health fee each semester. How is health insurance different from that?

If you are enrolled as a resident student living in a residence hall, the student health fee is included with room and board charges. The student health fee is not health insurance. This fee covers the basic care offered at the campus health center in Carroll Hall. Some laboratory procedures and special services require additional fees.

Health insurance gives students access to services and specialists not available at the health center in Carroll Hall. Health insurance also may cover a portion of the cost for services not provided at the Student Health Services, such as hospitalization, required surgery or specialty services for illnesses or injuries.

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I worry about identity theft. Why do I have to provide my private information?

We understand that concern. This is why BCBS NC helps coordinate the student health insurance waiver plan. BCBS NC will not sell our students' information to anyone, including direct mail marketing vendors. They also use the most stringent, HIPAA-compliant web security currently available. Great care is taken to minimize the potential for security breaches that might lead to fraud or other malicious use of personal information. Meredith also takes steps to protect student information.

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What happens when I graduate in December, acquire other health insurance, need to discontinue coverage for the spring/summer or do not return to Meredith for the spring semester? Am I eligible for a refund?

When a student graduates or leaves Meredith in December, they are no longer eligible to be seen at the health center in Carroll Hall; however students can continue health insurance coverage with the Student Health Insurance plan until July 31. 

To discontinue spring/summer coverage students must complete Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC) change request form by 5:00 pm,  January 26, 2016. The student account will reflect a pro rata refund of $1263.

Students who fail to notify BCBS NC to opt out of the spring/summer coverage by 5:00 pm, January 26, 2016 will remain on the policy through July 31 and will not receive a refund.

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Is financial assistance available for the cost of the required health insurance?

Yes.  For those who qualify, student and parent loans are available.  Students should first apply for financial assistance by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.  After completing the FAFSA, students may contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 919-760-8565 or by e-mail

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What if I am a graduate or part-time student and need health insurance in 2015-16?

All graduate students and part-time students enrolled at Meredtih for the 2015-15 academic year are not required to have health insurance as a requirement for enrollment.  Graduate and part-time students who choose to purchase an individual plan with BCBSNC may review options at:

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What are the policy highlights for the plan Meredith is offering with BCBS NC for in-network providers in 2015-2016?

Office Visits (not subject to deductible):

  • $25 copayment for Primary Care Provider
  • $50 copayment for Specialist Provider

Preventive Care Visits (Routine exams, immunizations, well-woman care, routine eye exam, bone mass measurement and more)

  • 100% covered, no deductible

Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits

  • $50 copayment for Urgent Care
  • $300 copayment for Emergency Room


  • $1,000 per person

 Coinsurance maximum (Includes the deductible and co-pays)

  • $3,000 per person

Lifetime Maximum

  • BCBS NC pays an unlimited lifetime maximum

Inpatient and outpatient hospital services

  • 30% after deductible

Prescription drugs filled at a BCBS NC In-Network Pharmacy co-pays (Unlimited benefits):

  • $15 for Tier 1 (generic) for a 30 day supply
  • $45 for Tier 2 (preferred brand) for a 30 day supply
  • $60 for Tier 3 (brand) for a 30 day supply
  • 25% copay for Tier 4 (specialty brand*)
    • $50 minimum/$100 maximum for each 30 day supply

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If I do not have health insurance in the spring, can I purchase the plan Meredith offers from January 1, 2016 - July 31, 2016 if I completed a waiver in the fall?

Yes.  Eligible students may choose to start coverage in the spring by notifying Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina at (800) 579-8022 by January 26, 2016. The student account will reflect a pro rata charge of $1263.

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Is it possible to join the plan outside of the enrollment period?

It may be possible to join the plan within a 30-day period following a life-qualifying event. Examples of qualifying events include loss of coverage due to age, divorce/marriage, and termination of employment. If you have a question about joining the plan outside of the open enrollment period due to a qualifying event, please contact Student Blue at (800) 579-8022. 

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Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact BCBS NC at:

Student Blue
PO Box 2073
Durham, NC 27702


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Commonly Used Health Insurance Terms

A deductible is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses the insured person (you) must pay for health services before benefits become payable by the insurance carrier.

Co-payments are payments made by the insured person (you) toward the cost of a particular benefit. For example, an insurance plan might require a $20 co-pay for each 31 day supply of a prescription medication. An emergency room visit might have a $50 copay per visit plus 80% of preferred and allowable expenses.

Coinsurance means the insured person (you) and the insurance carrier share costs according to a specified ratio (e.g. 80%: 20%) of the hospital or medical expenses resulting from a sickness or injury.

Covered Illness/Sickness
A covered illness/sickness is any disease, infection, or condition other than injury that is first treated or diagnosed by a doctor on or after the effective date of coverage under the insurance plan, unless pre-existing condition waivers apply.

Covered Injury
A covered injury is an accidental body injury that causes loss - directly and independently of all other causes - and is sustained on or after the effective date of coverage under the plan, unless pre-existing condition waivers apply.

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. These are networks formed from different health care providers and facilities who agree to accept a discounted payment level for charges incurred by patients insured under a plan with that specific PPO. The campus-endorsed plan uses Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina as their PPO because it has the highest number of providers and facilities in their network.

Pre-Existing Condition
A pre-existing condition is an injury, illness, or pregnancy for which medical care or treatment or diagnosis or medical advice was received or recommended or medication was prescribed prior to the effective date of the insured person’s coverage under the insurance plan. United Healthcare's pre-existing condition reads: Except for individuals who have been continuously insured under the school's student insurance policy for at least 12 consecutive months; The pre-existing condition exclusionary period will be reduced by the total number of months that the insured provides documentation of continuous coverage under a prior health insurance policy which provided benefits similar to this policy.

A referral happens when students require services that cannot be provided in the Meredith College Carroll Health Center. The Carroll Health Center staff arranges the referral with service providers in the student insurance’s PPO network, if possible.

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Contact Information:

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