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Meredith Events / Event Request

To request an event, complete the Event Request Form

Follow the link and select request an event.

Upon completion of the request form, a copy of the request will be emailed to the primary contact.  After review from Meredith Events, an email will inform the status of the requested event. The email will either state the event is approved, denied, or pending due to a need for more information.  To allow for more efficient processing, please provide as much information as possible on the request form.

The event request form will ask for the following information:

Contact Information

Contact Name: Name of the primary contact for the event.

Contact Email:  Email address for the primary contact of the event. If the primary contact is a Meredith student, faculty, or staff, please use a Meredith email address.

Contact Phone:  Phone number where the primary contact can be reached.

Customer:  Name of the department, club, or organization sponsoring the event.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor:  If the requester is not faculty or staff at Meredith College, a faculty or staff sponsor is required.  

Event Information

Event Name:  A name which describes your event.

Event Description:  A description of the event, activities to take place, nature of the audience, and how many attendees you are expecting.

Add to the Student Planner:  If you wish to have your event added to the printed Student Planner for the following academic year, select yes.  This does not guarantee the event will be added to the Student Planner, as all events added to the Student Planner are reviewed before printing and are subject to removal without cause.

How will your event support the mission of Meredith College: All events need to relate to and supprot the mission of Meredith College.  Please describe how your event accomplishes this goal.

Event Meetings

Meeting Name:  Meeting name is often the same as the event name.  If your event has multiple meetings, different meeting names can be used to better describe occurrences.

Meeting Type: Select the best description of your meeting.

Description:  Description of the meeting, activities to take place, and nature of the audience. The meeting description may be the same as event description.

Max Attendance:  Maximum number of attendees expected at the meeting.  This number is used to assist in room assignment.

Meeting Recurrence

For single meetings:

Select a start time, end time, and date from the calendar.

Select the create button above the calendar.  The meeting will now appear to the right. 

To create more meetings, repeat the process again.

For recurring meetings:

Select the recurring meeting tab above the calendars. 

Select the pattern for your event.

Select a start time, end time, and date range.

Select create.

The meetings will now appear to the right

After creating all of your meetings, review the meeting details on the right for accuracy.  If any of the meeting information is incorrect, select the meeting(s) in question and delete.  Reenter the corrected information again using the process above.

Additional Information

Please describe your room needs, or suggest a specific location if known: Rooms are assigned based on availability and the ability for a room to meet an events need.  If a specific room is known, please suggest it, or provide a more general description and location.

Please describe any set-up or tear-down time required: One hour of set-up time and one half hour of teardown time are recommended for most events.

Will there be food at you event?: Please indicate if food will be at the event. This will assist with room assignment.

Please describe your facility needs (Tables, Chairs, Trash Cans, etc.): Request tables, chairs, and trash cans which would not be typically found in the room.  Please describe the set-up of these items in as much detail as possible.

Please describe your A/V or other equipment needs (Projection, Sound, etc.): This information will assist with room assignment.

Please provide any additional comments or questions regarding your event: Please indicate any additional information or concerns to assist the event scheduler. 


To submit the completed event request form, select “Save” at the top left of the event request form.  An email with a copy of the request will be sent to the primary contact.  This may take several minutes.  If an email is not received, the request was not submitted properly.  Please submit the request again.

For assistance with the event request form, email or call 919-760-8533.

Contact Information:

313 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8533
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