Undergraduate Tuition & Fees


Undergraduate Costs for 2014-2015

Full-time Tuition

Tuition and Fees: $32,140

(billed at $16,070 per semester)

Room and Board: $9,516

(billed at $4,758 per semester) 

Total: $41,656

Note: Includes $40 student activity fee. A student should also allow for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses. Room and Board includes applicable sales tax on meals.

Part-time Tuition

Credit Hours/Semester Charge

1 credit hour         $795            7 credit hours $6,615

2 credit hours   $1,590            8 credit hours $7,935

3 credit hours   $2,385            9 credit hours $9,900

4 credit hours   $3,180         10 credit hours $11,865

5 credit hours   $3,975         11 credit hours $13,830

6 credit hours  $5,295          12 credit hours = full time tuition


Other Student Fees

Activity fee (all full and part time undergraduate students): $40 per semester
Graduation fee: $100 upon application for graduation
Specific course fees: varies by course—refer to catalogue

Health fee (optional):

Commuters and Apartment Residents  $200 per year

Residence Hall residents included in room charge



Residence halls (includes room and board)

$9,516 per year ($4,758 per semester)

Private room—additional fee
$1,500 per year ($750 per semester)

Apartments (requires 12 month lease)
4 bedroom/2 bath units
$8,712 per person per year (payable $3,630 per semester plus $1,452 per summer) ($726/mo)

2 bedroom/2 bath units
$10,320 per person per year (payable $4,300 per semester plus $1,720 per summer) ($860/mo)


Meal plans

Residence Hall Residents Meal Plans (Included in housing charge indicated above)
All other students—A variety of meal plans are available for purchase by Apartment and Commuter Meal Plans


Health Insurance

$1804 per year

Students with comparable coverage must waive each year to avoid charges.


Tuition Due Dates

Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: December 1

Contact Information:

120 Johnson Hall
Phone: (919) 760-8363