Dietetic Internship Tuition


Program Fee: $8,500.00
(Intern will be billed July 15, 2014 for one-half of the fee and December 1, 2014 for the remaining one-half)

Lab Coat (3/4 length): $50 (approximate)
Books and Supplies: $200.00
Parking permit for Meredith College: $100.00
Automobile insurance: Variable
Health insurance, vaccinations and any necessary medical testing: Variable
FNCE, Registration Fee: $249 (approximate)
FNCE, Hotel Fee: (variable) $200.00-$300.00
FNCE, Airline ticket: (variable) $250.00-$350.00
FNCE, miscellaneous fees: (variable) $100.00-$200.00
NCDA Meeting, Registration Fee: $60 plus transportation

*Meredith’s Dietetic Internship program uses a national computerized matching service to select 13 students each year. The matching fee, subject to change, is established by the matching service, D&D Digital Systems, Suite 301, 304 Main Street, Ames, IA, 50010, (515) 292-0490, (515) 663-9427 (fax) and (e-mail).

**All Dietetic Internship program participants are required to show proof of current health and automobile insurance coverage. Meredith College provides all students with professional liability insurance, also mandatory. All DI program participants must pass drug screening, background checks and immunization requirements.

Contact Information:

120 Johnson Hall
Phone: (919) 760-8363