Learning Center / Tutors

Maryam Ahmed, senior

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics
Subjects tutored: Computer Science

Zineb Baali, senior

Major: Public Health w/ minors in Spanish and nutrition
Subjects tutored: Spanish

Madison Batten, junior

Major: Mathematics
Subjects tutored: Math and Statistics

Rachel Breazeale, senior

Majors: Biology and Spanish
Subjects tutored: Spanish

Emily Chilton, junior

Majors: English and History
Subjects tutored: Writing, English, history

Laura Culpepper, senior

Major: English w / K-6 licensure
Subjects tutored: Writing and English

Morgan Daly, sophomore

Major: Accounting and Political Science, concentration in public/non profit administration
Subjects tutored: Italian

Deja Fuller, senior

Major: Biology
Subjects tutored: Psychology & Biology

Desiree Howell, sophomore

Major: Computer Science
Subjects tutored: CS

Kanza Ibrahim, sophomore

Major: Computer Science w/ minor in business
Subjects tutored: CS 156, FRE 101

Georgia Kimbell, sophomore

Major: Chemistry w/ minor in music
Subjects tutored: MAT, CHE

Catherine Koontz, junior

Subjects tutored: Writing, English, MAT 191

Mahlet Lemma, senior

Major: Biology
Subjects tutored: Biology

Amanda Lozier, senior

Major:  Mathematics with minors in Statistics and Web Development
Subjects tutored: MAT 175

Megan Luke, senior

Majors: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Subjects tutored: Chemistry and Physics

Rachael Martin, junior

Major: Spanish Education
Subjects tutored: Spanish

Sophia Melenikiotis, junior

Majors:  Mathematics with Statistics minor
Subjects tutored:  Math, statistics

Sierra Moorefield, junior

Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Subjects tutored: Writing

Megan Munson, junior

Major: English
Subjects tutored: Writing and English

Katie Murphy, junior

Major: Public Health and Psychology with minors in Biology, Chemistry and Spanish
Subjects tutored: Writing and English

Mercy Rialem, senior

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Subjects tutored: Computer Science, Math, and Economics

Sidney Shank, junior

Major: English and Political Science 
Subjects tutored: Writing and French

Megan Shannonhouse, junior

Majors: Accounting and Economics
Subjects tutored: Economics

Cheyanne “Starr” Sirucek, junior

Major: Biology and Psychology
Subjects tutored: MAT 175, Biology, Psychology

Melissa Smith, senior

Major: Spanish w/ minor in French
Subjects tutored: French, Italian 

Katrina Thomas, senior

Major: Biology
Subjects tutored: Spanish

Jessica Tucker, junior

Major: Chemistry
Subjects tutored: Chemistry

Asha Tuli, senior

Major: Biology w/ minor in public health
Subjects tutored: Biology

Jagriti Vanam, sophomore

Majors: Computer Science Major w/ minors in math/statistics and business
Subjects tutored: BIO 110/151 and Calculus

Alicia Wood, sophomore

Major: Computer science
Subjects tutored: Computer studies


Contact Information:

Carmen Christopher
Learning Center Director
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(919) 760-8611

Traci Stewart Johnson
Program Coordinator
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020 Library
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