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Searching for an internship, co-op, part-time, work study, or a full-time position requires time, energy, commitment, and follow through. For the best results, seekers are encouraged to employ multiple strategies that are tailored to their specific goals. As a guide, consider the following general strategies:

  • Set aside time in your schedule to look for a job.
  • Plan for your job search just like you plan for an exam or class project.
  • Develop goals and objectives, a timeline and action steps for yourself.
  • Take an active approach. Seek job opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to you.
  • Personalize your search – your documents, your correspondence, and your messages you send to prospective employers. Work to create situations where you, not your resume or your social media accounts, are being evaluated. Use your professional and personal contacts to help you get in front of the hiring managers.
  • Make sure your documents and correspondences are flawless. Work to remove grammatical or typographical errors before sending them out. Even the smallest error will keep you from consideration.

Keep the momentum going! A successful seeker is one who keeps moving forward, coming up with creative ideas for getting in front of the right people, and doesn’t get discouraged when she doesn’t receive an immediate offer.

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