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Welcome to the Meredith College Enroll@MC process!  Follow the steps below to get your best-fit course schedule for fall!

The information below is for students enrolling for the Fall 2017 semester. Please follow the steps closely. Be sure to answer all questions completely, and submit your placement exams on time! Doing so is important for getting your best-fit schedule for fall.

Step One:  Submit the Enroll@MC Registration Form

Register for one of our four Enroll@MC dates during June 2017 and complete the Enroll@MC Registration Form immediately after submitting your enrollment deposit with the Office of Admissions.  Space is limited at each event. The priority deadline for this form is June 12th (excluding late deposits). Begin the Enroll@MC process here.

If you intend to enroll in the Dual Degree Engineering Program, please fill out the Declaration of Intent locate here.

If you are a new first-year student living abroad and are unable to attend please submit the Regrets Only Form for Students Living Abroad.

Step Two:  Take the Online Placement Exams

Three simple actions are required:

Action 1: Watch your mail - you will receive a letter, shortly after you officially reserve your space in the class, that contains your username and password for your Meredith Gmail address and your NetID and password for Blackboard.*

Action 2: Log into MyMeredith using your NetID and password (different from your Meredith Gmail username and password). You will see access to the Spanish, French, and Latin placement exams. Our English placement process is individualized; you will not take the English placement unless directed to by the English department.

Action 3: Take the appropriate foreign language placement exam, if applicable. If you took more than one year of Spanish, French, or Latin in high school, you will test in that language.**  Even if you intend to study a different language at Meredith, you are required to complete the placement exam. When you complete the placement test, you will have options for fulfilling your foreign language requirement.  If you took a language other than Spanish, French, or Latin, you will not test.***  

The foreign language placement exam opens April 10th at 8:00 AM. We encourage you to complete your testing as soon as possible. You must complete the placement exam(s) before MIDNIGHT on Sunday, May 28th.  If you anticipate technology problems or questions, please take the assessment(s) during regular business hours (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) Monday - Friday.  You may reach our Technology Services Help Desk by calling (919) 760-2323.  Please note that questions about the content of the exam will not be answered.  If you have questions about which exams you should take, call The Office of Academic Advising at (919) 760-8088.

*If you deposit after June 12th, you will receive the letter within a few days of the receipt of your deposit.

**Students that have already received college credit for any level of Spanish (SPA-101, SPA-102, SPA-205) or French (FRE-101, FRE-102, FRE-205) will not need to test.  You will register for the next course in the sequence.

***Students that have already received college credit for ENG-111, Principles of Writing, you will register for ENG-200, Critical Reading and Writing.

Step Three:  Prepare for Enroll@MC

During your Enroll@MC you will have the opportunity to meet with an Enrollment Counselor regarding your schedule preferences. We encourage you to prepare for Enroll@MC by taking some time to familiarize yourself with our general education requirements as well as the list of courses that first-year students interested in particular majors may want to consider.  Using this information, begin thinking about how you would like to build your first Meredith schedule.

A typical schedule may look something like one of these examples:

Example Schedule A

                                                                   Total: 15 credits

Example Schedule B

                                                                   Total: 15 or 16 credits

Step Four:  Attend Enroll@MC!

After you submit the Enroll@MC Advising & Registration Form, the Office of Admissions will confirm your date of attendance. We’ll do our best to accommodate your first choice of event dates. You will also receive more information about the schedule for the day and sessions for parents as your assigned date gets closer.  Attendance is required of all new students.*  We look forward to seeing you this summer!

*Students who cannot attend due to extreme circumstances (i.e. – travelling from another country), will be contacted  separately.



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