Academic Success


Assistance and ongoing coaching is available to address the following topics:

Study Skills

A general overview of essential study skills.

Time Management

Learn to create and stick to schedules and effectively manage your time.

Test-Taking and Avoiding Test Anxiety

Gain tips for creating and using materials that will aid your studies, as well as strategies for overcoming anxiety before, during and after tests.

Choosing a Major

Learn the process of choosing a major.

Academic/Personal Goal Setting

Discover how to translate academic and personal experiences into meaningful academic and career goals.

Schedule Planning

Learn to create a semester schedule that includes a balance of general education and major specific courses.

Learning Styles

Become familiar with how you learn best.

Effective Notetaking

Learn to engage with course material by learning how to actively take notes in class.

Stress Management

Gain strategies for managing the stress that college students commonly encounter.

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