Where are Students’ Favorite Places on Meredith’s Campus?

Where are Students’ Favorite Places on Meredith’s Campus?

Meredith’s beautiful campus is one of its best assets. For this installment of our summer series, we asked students to share their favorite places on campus.

“Cate Center because you can get everything there. If you need academic advice, a resume review, a notebook, or some food, you can find it all in that one building, and that’s very convenient.”—Jessica Boyd, ’16

“The Courtyard is a great place to relax, and with the new additions to Belk Dining Hall, you can eat outside. It provides a nice place to relax or play a game with some friends.” –Rachel Anne Phelps, ’16

My favorite place on campus is the Rotunda of Johnson Hall. I love going to look at the class dolls on the third floor and seeing the student work on the first floor. Whenever I step into Johnson Hall, I feel the history of our school all around me and that is why it’s my favorite place.” — Abigail Lorentzen, ’16

“The amphitheater is really beautiful. It’s a great place to go on a nice day to study, read, or just to be by yourself.”—Megan Luke, ’16

“I spend a lot of time in the Cate Center. Although I am a commuter, I also like to study in Residence halls’ parlors. I also love the outside: the lake and tables in front of the library.” —Alla Akiyeva, ’16

“Definitely the quiet study rooms in the library. It is a great place to regroup after a long day when I'm studying during exam week.”—Nicole Benjamin, ’17

“I like the library. It’s a great place to do homework, check out movies, or study with friends. Plus, there’s a Starbucks machine.” —Melissa Jenkins, ’17

“My favorite place on campus for a long time was the courtyard fountain. Freshman year, my window opened up to the courtyard, and my suite could hear the water babbling from our room. While I still love that place dearly, and it makes me happy anytime I get to that part of campus, I really love The Oaks. Living in an apartment was a huge change, but I love nothing more than walking into my living room, and seeing my best friends.” — Sara Owens, ’15

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