What to Expect on Move-In Day

As part of our summer series of student advice, Meredith’s Office of Admissions asked a group of recent graduates and returning students to share helpful advice for the incoming class. For this final installment, students offer advice on what to expect on Move-In Day. Meredith first-year students will move in on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013.

• “Orientation time can be stressful and overwhelming for some people because it is a huge transition into a new phase of life, but there will be countless people there to support you, including your student and faculty advisors, big sis, RA, and so many others. Everyone here at Meredith wants to see you succeed!”— Alexis Trell, ’15

• “Everyone is going to be rushing around and moving about. Feel the excitement and bask in it! Take advantage of every activity because it will make your experience and transition even better at Meredith.”—Hannah Thornton, ’14

• “Expect a bit of chaos but know that the entire Meredith student body is so excited to have you on campus! You will see this by meeting your resident assistant, big sis and student advisor during your first view days on campus.”— Shelby Wilson, ’14

• “Freshman should expect excitement and positive energy! Moving in can make students nervous, but upon arriving on campus, students should feel nothing but excitement as soon as they arrive on campus; plus, there are more fun activities to come!”— Kristen Rivera, ’16

• “People everywhere! It's overwhelming but part of the experience. Everyone is so welcoming and wanting to make you feel at home.”— Mary Rawls, ’14

• “Expect Move-In Day to be busy. You have to move all your stuff into your room and be at Orientation that afternoon. It’s a lot, but just remember, you will have time in the next couple of days to get your room set up the way you want it. Don’t worry if everything in your room isn’t perfect before Orientation starts.”—Jordan Cone, ’14

• “Move-In Day is utter chaos, mixed with excitement and nerves. While that day is filled with mixed emotions it is an amazing experience. Orientation was not at all what I expected. I expected to sit in numerous rooms and listen to boring talks, but Orientation is a fun experience.”— Jordan Capps, ’16

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