Tips on Getting to Know Your New Roommate

Move-In Day at Meredith College is Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010. To help first-year students get ready for Move-In Day, we asked students to share advice on getting to know a new roommate.
Students discuss how they met their roommates, and how they became friends.

•“I met her at an early registration day at Meredith. We talked and laughed the whole day and knew we would have fun rooming together. We have been roommates ever since!”—Danielle Stott, ’11

•“I met my roommate through my youth minister at my church. We started talking on Facebook and then we chatted a bit on the phone. Finally, I met her in Raleigh for a weekend and we hit it off really well. We are still roomies now.” —Sydney Sauers, ’12

•“Prior to freshman year my roommate and I met at Scholarship Weekend and really hit it off. It was a great experience but some of the best roommate matches I have seen among my friends have been those who did lottery.” –Emily Pappas ’12

•“We chose to be roommates over Facebook. We occasionally chatted through Facebook and texted each other but we never formally met until Advising and Registration in May. It was hard for her to come to North Carolina a lot because she is originally from Maryland.” —Chloe Williams, ’13

•“My roommate from freshman year and I met on Facebook and then went out to eat and shopping a couple of times before moving in.” –Allison Huber, ’12 •“I did not know my roommate beforehand. When we got our roommate assignment in July, we talked online to get know each other. Asking basic questions about our family, what we liked and didn’t like, and what we did for fun. After moving in together, we just talked … we asked questions, told stories, made jokes. It was important for both of us to be honest since we would be living together.” —Christina Cole, ’13

•“We met on a Facebook page for the Class of 2013, and decided to meet up in the summer after we’d agreed to be roommates. We just talked and bonded on various trips to Meredith – and ate a lot of meals together first semester!” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

•“I met my roommate through Facebook on the freshman class group. We got along really well and had a lot in common. It worked out great for us.” – Allie Hargrove, ’11

This summer series of student advice for first-year students will conclude tomorrow, with an article featuring residence hall room decorating tips.

Date Submitted: 2010-08-11

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