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The Meredith Fund Advisory Board Adds New Faculty/Staff Representative

This year, one goal of The Meredith Fund Office is to raise $1.5 million in annual gifts.  The annual appeals of Meredith College operate on a fiscal year from July 1 through June 30.  Each donor’s gift to the annual fund sends a powerful message of commitment to the Meredith community and supports the College’s operating budgets, innovate programs, and urgent priorities.

The Meredith Fund Advisory Board helps to promote the need for annual gifts, and members are committed to the growth and advancement of the College.  The Meredith Fund Office is pleased to announce that Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Health & Human Performance Beth Gankofskie is the newly appointed faculty/staff representative on the advisory board.  Gankofskie brings the faculty perspective to the group along with her passion and energy for our campus.  She will serve a two year term.

Gankofskie received her bachelor’s degree from California State University Long Beach, her master’s degree from the University of Saint Joseph, and her Ph.D. from Iowa State University. In 2011, she accepted her position at Meredith and currently teaches Food Service Systems Management, Nutrition Education and Counseling, Seminar, and Nutrition Colloquium. Gankofskie and her husband just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in July.  Her oldest son, Aaron, graduated in May with his MBA from Meredith College and has started law school in Austin at the University of Texas.  Seth, her youngest son, has entered his first year at Murray State University in Kentucky.

“I am passionate about my role as a faculty member as part of the College community. Making sure Meredith College remains academically, fiscally, and socially strong is a responsibility of all its members.  I volunteer because I have been active with my own alma maters and realize the increased potential success in grant writing and research funds when an institution is supported from internal partners as well as from external partners," said Gankofskie.                        

Please join us in thanking Gaye Hill, our outgoing faculty/staff representative to The Meredith Fund Advisory Board.  We have appreciated all of her contributions as a board member and value her talents everyday as the Marketing Content Strategist in the Department of Marketing. Please see below for a complete list of 2013-2014 Meredith Fund Advisory Board Members.

2013-2014 Meredith Fund Advisory Board Members

Mary Beth Sanderson Deaton, ’89
Andrea Oakley Fox, ’95
Beth Gankofskie
Hunter Eddins Gentel, ’03
Marie Dunn Inscore, ’65
Johnnie Faye Lamm Jackson, ’71
Durwood Laughinghouse
Catherine Davis Rideout, ’95
Pamela Mitchell Riley, ’73
Blair Briggs Roberts, ’04
Jennie Harris Wallace

Submitted by Jean Gambrill, Assistant Director of The Meredith Fund

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