Students Share What to Expect on Move-In Day

As part of our summer series, Meredith College’s Office of Admissions asked a group of rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to offer advice on what first-year students should expect on Move-In Day.
Here’s what they had to say:

•“Freshman should expect to be overwhelmed, to feel an adrenaline rush, to meet their Student Advisor and Big Sis, and to have fun. The first week away from your friends and family is full of emotions, as one can imagine. It’s an overwhelming feeling so it’s important to remember you have a support system there for you, including your Student Advisor, your Faculty Advisor, your Big Sis, and about 400 freshmen around you are feeling the same way.” —Christina Cole, ’13

•“I think you should expect to be hot and sweaty, but also expect to introduce yourself to a lot of great new friends!” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

•“A lot of people! Freshman move in day was a great experience; you meet a lot of people, especially the students that live on your hall but it’s very crowded. Just enjoy the experience and try not to stress out!” – Allie Hargrove, ’11

•“A freshman should expect Move-In Day to be emotional. Expect orientation to be long, but it is very useful information, and you get to meet a lot of new people during this time!”—Danielle Stott, ’11

•“Lots of activities and things to do. Be flexible and go with the flow. Be open to meeting new people. They will be your sisters forever.” –Sydney Sauers ‘12

•“Bring lots of people to move heavy things. It’s chaotic but it’s so much fun to meet everyone on your hall! As for orientation, you’ll be moving around nonstop for three days but after that things will slow down. The orientation skit is the best! Last year I got to dress up as a superhero for it and we ran into the auditorium to “I Need a Hero” from Footloose. It’s always really funny!” –Emily Pappas, ’12

•“They should expect to feel hot, because Raleigh weather is humid! They should also expect to feel anxious because there is so much going on that day, but don't stress if they miss something! The college understands that things can become hectic and we can't do everything.” —Chloe Williams, ’13

•“Expect a long day. You’ll get everything moved in, mostly set up, and meet lots of new people. It’s a crazy day, but it’s a lot of fun.” –Allison Huber, ’12.

Later this week, look for advice on getting to know your roommate and for decorating your new residence hall.

Date Submitted: 2010-08-10

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