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Students Share Residence Hall Design Tips

In the final installment of Meredith's summer advice series, we asked students "What are some of your style tips for decorating your residence hall room?"
Here's what they had to say.

•“My favorite thing to do is pin up all my favorite posters, pictures, art, and ticket stubs on the bulletin boards in a kind of messy collage – it reminds me of my room at home and it isn’t stressful having to line everything up perfectly!” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

•“To get more color in my room freshman year I covered the back of my bed (the part that lifts up for storage) in fabric and just had a plan bedspread. They have those in Heilman and Barefoot, but I know the residents in Poteat usually covered their big corkboard in their favorite fabric.” –Allie Hargrove, ’11

•“Don’t bring too much stuff! Bring the minimum and as time goes on, it’s easier to see what you really need and what you don’t. As far as styling your room, bring pictures and posters that remind you of home. Bring empty picture frames for the new pictures you’ll take. It’s always fun to color coordinate your towels, rugs and bed linens. You can even coordinate with your roommate. My roommate and I didn’t match at all. We loved it because each side of the room had its own personality and it made our dorm room feel like home.” —Christina Cole, ’13

•“Bring lots of things to put on the walls. The more the color the better.”—Danielle Stott, ’11

•“Don’t buy too much; there is a Target close by. Bring lots of pictures and things that mean something to you.” -- Sydney Sauers, ’12

•“Use framed pictures instead of posters and magazine clippings…it makes it feel more like home. Bring a fun rug and bedding and pillows. Store as much of your clutter out of sight so that your shelves and desk are free for pictures and other pretty things.” –Emily Pappas, ’12

•“I would suggest investing in some curtains and a colorful shower curtain. Also, since the floors are tile, a rug is nice, but make sure you have a vacuum because they get dirty fast. Color-coordinating with your roommate is also cute. Definitely bring posters, etc., if you live in Poteat because there is a giant cork board in your room!” —Chloe Williams, ’13

•“Don’t worry about having everything match perfectly. The stuff that you and your roommate bring will come together to make the perfect room. It is a good idea to bring some fabric to cover the cushions on the bed.” –Allison Huber, ’12

Date Submitted: 2010-08-12

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