Students Offer Advice for Freshmen Year Success

Though the 2012-13 academic year has only recently ended, it won’t be long before Meredith welcomes a new class of first year students.

To help new students have a strong start to their Meredith experience, the Office of Admissions asked a group of recent graduates and returning students to share some advice that they believe would benefit an incoming freshman.

Here are the tips offered to the Class of 2017:

• “Simply dive in! College is all about growing and learning and this is the time to really give it your all in the classroom and in the community. Be the first person to answer a question that a professor asks the class; be the first person to step up for a leadership position, be the first person to sign up to be part of a volunteer program, be the first person to say during class ‘I don't understand that, could you please explain that again,’ and most importantly, believe in yourself.” — Pooja Ghai, ’13

• “Try to enjoy every class. Really appreciate what the professors are teaching.” — Nellie Wilson, ’13

• “Get involved! With over 90 clubs and organizations, there is definitely something for everyone. Attend the Student Activities Fair to learn more about all of the opportunities Meredith has to offer. You will meet new friends and be able to make your mark on Meredith’s campus.” —Alexis Trell, ’15

• “Keep a collection of your experiences here at Meredith. I have a small box that I keep programs, trinkets, and photos of different events I participated in here at Meredith. As a senior it was great to look back on the keepsakes and remember the special moments I had here.” —Hannah Hill, ’13

• “Put yourself out there – that’s one great thing about Meredith; you will gain so much confidence in yourself through your experiences.” —Katie Riggs, ’14

• “Make connections with faculty members … you never know how your conversations with faculty and staff members can change your path in college and beyond.” –Zeenat Ravzi, ’13

• “A lot of changes are happening at once, things will fall into place and you'll be just fine.” —Mary Rawls, ’14

• “Don’t pack too much. You will never use all of it. Also, it’s okay to be nervous but you are about to embark on a new life-changing journey; so if you can, be excited!” —Jordan Cone, ’14

• “Try new things. Take a leadership position. Time moves really quickly, so enjoy it.” —Sarah Beno, ’13

• “My advice is to participate in as many things as possible, and really get to know your professors. Those two things are vital in making the most of your time at Meredith.” —Anna Barefoot, ’13

• “Get involved in numerous clubs, organizations and traditions. These things will allow you to meet people who will later network you with other opportunities. While family time at home is important, staying at school is also important because this is how you will meet and make friends, become familiar with Raleigh, and ultimately make Meredith your home.” —Jordan Capps, ’16

• “Stay on campus for the first three-four weekends, at least, of freshmen year - those weekends are the times that you will meet and bond with your future best friends.” —Ashley Matthews, ’13

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer. Next question: How are you spending the summer?

Learn more about Meredith by contacting the Office of Admissions at 1-800-MEREDITH.

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