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Spotlight on Academics: Students Share Their Favorite First Semester Classes

Spotlight on Academics: Students Share Their Favorite First Semester Classes

For this installment of our summer series, we asked students to tell us about the favorite classes during their first semester at Meredith. See what classes they chose, and what made these classes stand out.

“Art History class. My favorite teacher in high school recommended that I take an art history course so I enrolled on a whim. I loved it so much that I added it as my minor!” — Abigail Lorentzen, ’16

“Definitely my Applied Voice Lessons. It was really great to learn about my craft and have one-on-one learning with my professor.” —Nicole Benjamin, ’17

“Honestly, I liked all my classes. English was the most educational, Astronomy was the most fun, and thanks to my Communication class, I learned about a public speaking club at NC State [to which] I still belong.” —Alla Akiyeva, ’16

“Jesus at the Movies with Dr. Suarez. It was a great discussion of religion that involved watching a film each week and it counted towards the general education requirements (either arts/aesthetics or cultural perspective).” —Melissa Jenkins, ’17

“Macroeconomics was my favorite class because my professor Dr. Lari was amazing. She taught the class with such enthusiasm and excitement it was hard not to love the subject right along with her. She explained everything to a tee and was very nice, definitely my favorite class by a long shot.”—Jessica Boyd, ’16

“I thoroughly enjoyed the introductory classes to my major. They gave me a good idea of the kind of work that I was going to be getting involved in and I got to meet the women with whom I would be spending a lot of time. Now, as a junior, those women are some of my closest friends. I also got to know the professors in my program and started building relationships with them.”—Rachel Anne Phelps, ’16

“I had two favorite classes my first semester at Meredith — Chorale and English. I loved Chorale because it gave me a place where I could hang out with all the other music majors, and we could sing and make some truly beautiful music together. English was a favorite because I had Dr. McNamee, and he is the greatest professor in the whole world. I took both of my English classes with him. He truly loves his job and cares about his students!” -- Sara Owens, ’15

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