Meredith Team Has Strong Showing in Ethics Bowl

Meredith College recently participated in the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) Second Annual Ethics Bowl competition.

The Meredith team won four rounds of competition, tying with Wake Forest University. A tie-breaker based on points earned went in favor of Wake Forest. This year’s competition, with a focus on “Ethics in Communications,” was held February 8-9, 2013. Students from 18 North Carolina independent colleges and universities competed.

Meredith team members were Marlena Brown, ’15, Ashley Hall, ’15, Amy Hruby, ’13, Alissa Jording, ’15, Sydney Maxwell, ’15 , Roxanne McPherson, ’16, Mary Rawls, ’13, and Mollie Schrull, ’14. Campus Coordinators for Meredith were Assistant Professor of Religious and Ethical Studies Steven Benko and Director of Student Leadership and Service Cheryl Jenkins.

Benko and Jenkins were both proud of the team’s work preparing for the Ethics Bowl, and their effort in the competition.

“Their preparation was focused and intense and the students assumed a lot of responsibility for learning difficult and complex material,” Benko said. “They organized themselves well and demonstrated both a firm grasp of ethical theory, but also excellent oral communication skills, teamwork and poise.”

Ethics Bowl is an example of the beneficial liberal arts learning-experiences students have at Meredith, according to Benko.

“Ethics bowl demonstrates the perfect blend of the academic and student activities sides of the College,” Benko said. “You have students beginning their efforts in the classroom setting and then extending them through extra-curricular activities. They are developing a strong theoretical foundation that forces them to think about how right and wrong are determined as well as the ability to apply that understanding in practical scenarios.”

Jenkins agrees that Ethics Bowl is a strong example of collaboration between academic programs and leadership programs at Meredith.

“Students see two parts of the College working together,” Jenkins said. “It is a great example of collaboration across departments/divisions that has had a true learning impact on these students.”

Ethics Bowl preparation helps students hone leadership, interpersonal, communication and thinking skills, Benko said.

“The students learn the value of teamwork and compromise,” Benko said. “I'm confident that they will be able to take this theoretical knowledge and apply it in other courses or their careers.”

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