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Meredith Forever

Originally published in Meredith Magazine, Spring 2013

Following the Board of Trustees’ approval of the first phase of our strategic plan, Meredith Forever, the College community has been discussing a clearer vision for the future of Meredith.

This vision will build on the strengths of the College—what we are best known for doing and being—to achieve our goals articulated by the six pillars of the strategic plan (educational excellence, enhanced visibility, financial strength, optimal enrollment, enhanced infrastructure and IT, and an enriched quality of life for students, staff and faculty). We begin by considering where our strengths in each area currently lie and then how we can build on them.

Meredith’s strength in educational excellence comes from our liberal arts foundations, coupled with professional studies and pathways for our graduates to make their way in their world. Whether through corporate careers, community or not-for-profit services, or family enrichment, our students have the intellectual and critical thinking skills to succeed.

Our strength in visibility comes from our already strong reputation for excellence throughout the state and region. We have the opportunity now to expand that visibility throughout larger segments of the region, the nation and the world.

Our financial strength allows us to offer scholarships for deserving students, address deferred maintenance and technology needs, and reduce the College’s debt. Our financial strength will be enhanced by a comprehensive campaign, ongoing attention to budget efficiencies and exciting new programming.

While Meredith’s enrollment is strong, new initiatives will allow us to build in ways that will better serve our students. Several retention initiatives are underway, as are studies for new academic programs that appeal to women undergraduates or men and women in graduate programs, that lead to rewarding careers, and that fit with the curricula Meredith currently teaches.

Results of surveys tell us that our students, alumnae and guests see this beautiful campus as one of the strengths of the College. Our vision for the future includes enhancing our technology systems and addressing deferred maintenance in ways that protect the functionality and historical legacy of our facilities.

Finally, Meredith has always enjoyed a rich sense of community. Enhancing the quality of life for our students, staff and faculty means ensuring that compensation and rewards are competitive and meaningful, that the health and well-being of our community members are priorities, and that we all have the opportunity to realize and develop our strengths in ways that will help us achieve our goals.

Ultimately, Meredith is best known for teaching students to build on their strengths to achieve their goals. Through our strategic plan’s next phases, we will build on the College’s strengths to achieve its goals, ensuring the future of the institution.


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