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Meredith to Participate in Crisis Simulation at Princeton

Meredith College’s Model United Nations team will participate in the Princeton Interactive Crisis Simulation (PICSim), February 23-26, 2012, at Princeton University.

This is Meredith College’s first time participating in the event which organizers describe as a simulation of the “interconnected and time-critical nature of international relations, through 11 committees interacting in concert in response to external crises as well as the actions of each other.”

Meredith College offers a Model UN class in the fall, and students can also join the Model UN club. The team regularly participates in the Southern Regional Model United Nations and Model Arab League events.

There are eight students on Meredith’s team. Unlike Model UN events in which Meredith has participated in the past, the students will represent not one delegation but specific representatives of different nations or what are known as non-state actors (NSAs). The 2012 event will focus on North Africa.

“We are representing different countries, which is both more difficult and more exciting,” said Meredith Model UN President English Clemmons. “We have more freedom to really delve into our own topics and research different aspects of an entire country, where before we had one country and had to stick to the parameters of our own committees.”

The team members and the roles they will play in PICSim are the following:

•English Clemmons- Director of Algerian Intelligence Mohammed Mediene
•Sarah Phillips- Classified Y Ahmed Deghdegh
•Carolynn Rodon - Sudanese Agriculture Minister Abdul al-Mutafi
•Noreen Elnady- Morocco Foreign Affairs Minister Taieb Fihri
•Hallie Willis- Moroccan Energy MinisterAmina Benkhadra
•Dana Barrentine- Tunisian Minister of Labor and Professional Training Adelwahab Matar
•Ana Rodriguez- Egyptian Agriculture Minister Mohamed Reda Ismail
•Courtney Bunn- Libyan Planning Minister Isa Tuwaijri.

Sarah Phillips, Meredith’s Model UN vice president, said participants will be judged on their ability to represent the person and his or her interests. The crisis covered in PICSim can be any real issue that took place prior to January 18, 2012. Her team has been preparing for the crisis to involve the Arab Spring.

“We’ve been studying the news and the people we represent, including researching what they’ve done and the UN resolutions they have signed,” Phillips said. “I feel like this experience develops a different level of critical thinking.

The team has spent several years planning and raising money to support its participation in PICSim. Clemmons is looking forward to this new opportunity.

“It is definitely a chance for us to learn and gain new perspectives that we can bring back and share with the rest of the team, as well as newcomers that I hope will make us even more prepared for conferences in the future,” Clemmons said. “We have a great team going and I am personally just really looking forward to jumping into this new environment and seeing what everyone is going to bring to the table.”

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