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Meredith Students Share Memorable Moments

Want the inside scoop on Meredith College? Hear it from our students. Meredith’s Office of Admissions asked a group of recent graduates and returning students to talk about their Meredith experience.

In this installment, we asked students to share their most memorable Meredith moment.

• “The day I moved to Meredith College as a freshman. I treasure this memory because of the smiling faces and all the wonderful people who were ready to accept me into the Meredith College family.” –Hannah Hill, ’13

•“My favorite memories of Meredith exist not in the large events, but in the smallest moments I have shared with friends. I treasure the times spent exchanging stories on honors trips, studying together late at night, and spending hour-long dinners in the dining hall. These were the times when I realized that I had found my home at Meredith.” – Laurie Hainley, ’13

•“Attending the LeaderShape Institute at the end of my first year at Meredith. The weeklong leadership training was a great opportunity to focus on my individual potential of being a student, an active member of the campus and to make great memories that will stay with me forever. After that week there was nothing holding me back to make my Meredith experience productive and memorable.” –Paula Meredith, ’13

•“The day I presented my thesis; after months of writing and preparing, I spent 15 minutes telling my friends, family, and community about my recently-acquired area of expertise: Hamlet!” –Ashley Matthews, ’13

•“Studying abroad in Sansepolcro, Italy, last summer was really special; I made some very last friendships, and I got to be at places where history was created. I enjoyed seeing so many connections between science and art as we traveled around Italy. –Zeenat Ravzi, ’13

•“Class Day 2011. It is such a beautiful ceremony, and as one of the sophomore co-chairs that year, I got to have a hand in carrying on the tradition.” –Anna Barefoot, ’13

•“Gaining a sister, many sisters! Although many experiences such as Cornhuskin, Guardian Angel Dance and Class Day have been wonderful, just laughing with my roommate and suitemates has been the most memorable.”—Hannah Thornton, ’14

•“One memorable experience was President Allen’s inauguration [as the first alumna to serve as Meredith president]. The inauguration was such a historic event for Meredith, and I am lucky that I was able to be there. So many of Dr. Allen’s classmates came back to support her. Everyone always says that your Meredith friends are sisters for life, and seeing this proved it to me.”— Alexis Trell, ’15

•“Getting my onyx was by far my most memorable experience. It is so much more than a class ring. For me, it symbolizes everything I have been working for during the last three years, the relationships I’ve built, and the ways in which I’ve grown.” — Shelby Wilson, ’14

•“Working in the Meredith Autism Program (MAP) is the best thing I have ever done. I want to get my master’s in autism studies now.”— Katie Riggs, ’14

•“It’s a tough choice between Ring Dinner and the Crook Hunt. Ring Dinner was so fun because of what the onyx symbolizes, but the Crook Hunt was so much fun. Joining together with my class and digging through the dirt was more memorable than I expected it to be.”—Jordan Cone, ’14

•“I loved Cornhuskin’ because it’s much more than that one particular night. Cornhuskin’ is a whole season and everything about it, I loved. From the dancing and the singing to the late night after practice pizza runs, I grew so much closer to my 2016 sisters than I ever could imagine possible.”— Jordan Capps, ’16

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer. Next question: How did you choose your major?

Contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-MEREDITH.

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