Meredith Students Share Memorable Moments

Want the inside scoop on Meredith College? Hear it from our students. Meredith’s Office of Admissions asked a group of rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to share insight that they believe would benefit an incoming freshman.

This week, we asked students to share their most memorable Meredith moments.

•“Working closely with faculty and staff members in taking on officer positions on campus. I have gained so much insight on what it means to be an effective leader on campus and in the community. In addition, I found more opportunities to grow as an individual through connecting with faculty and staff—for example, I discovered the opportunity to become part of the summer program LeaderShape—which truly impacted my perspective as a leader.”—Pooja Ghai, ’13

•“I have had so many memorable moments at Meredith. It really becomes a place you feel safe in and you grow to love it more each day. I would have to say my best experience is the journey I have had getting to know myself. I think the way I was able to become more confident and sure of myself is the root of all of my amazing experiences here. I think it’s important for your freshman year to evaluate yourself so you can succeed and become an even better, more improved you throughout your four years.” –Melissa de Leon, ’14

•“Definitely my sophomore year when I went to the Guardian Angel Dance with my dad and Tea for Two with my mom. My dad and I danced all night, and my mom and I wrote letters to each other. Both were very sentimental times for me and only strengthened the bond between my parents and me. I wish we could do that every year!”—Chloë Williams, ’13

•“Let me just give you a couple – Move in day, Cornhuskin’, undergraduate research, and leadership opportunities.”—Shelby Wilson, ’14

•“Meeting so many wonderful friends that I know I’ll have for a very long time.”—Sara Owens, ’15

•“My fondest memories so far, would have to be Cornhuskin’ and although I cannot reveal the majesty that is Cornhuskin’, I can tell you it’s something you will not want to miss. Being there with my fellow angels huddled together enjoying Cornhuskin’ was one of the highlights of my first year.” – Christina Barnhart, ’15

•“This is hard - but Alice in Wonderland is up there. However, I've also loved getting my Onyx and going to Ocracoke with Honors.” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

•“Cornhuskin and Fire and Water Dinner.” –Upama Karki, ’14

•“Being a member of the soccer team. It was great to be able to play and travel with [my teammates].” – Megan Amanatides, ’15

•“The alternative spring break trip in Spring of 2011. We went to Wilmington, N.C., to help bag oyster shells into bags that would help rebuild the shore lines and help with sea life as well as going to clean up around a homeless shelter. I had some amazing times helping do these experiences along with making great memories with people from Meredith.” – Kaitlyn Turner, ’14

•“Ring Dinner my junior year when I won my onyx [Meredith’s class ring] by writing an essay about my grandmother and what the onyx meant to me. I even cried.”—Elizabeth Oates, ’13

•“Gaining a sister, many sisters! This was something I had never had before. Although many experiences such as Cornhuskin’, Guardian Angel Dance and Class Day have been wonderful, just laughing with my roommate and suitemates has been the most memorable.”—Hannah Thornton, ’14

•“Oh there are so many! My top two would have to be Ring Dinner and finding the Crook! Nothing can beat putting that ring on for the first time with some of your best friends. And let’s just say finding the crook is the ultimate adrenaline rush.”—Mary Rawls, ’13

•“Ring Dinner. There are no words to describe the excitement and love that filled the room as the Class of 2013 placed our onyx rings on our fingers! We were all smiling, taking pictures, and reminiscing on our fond memories we have shared over the years at Meredith. It is an incredible experience that bonds you to your class forever.”—Brittany Murray, ’13

•“Ring week and ring dinner were the most amazing days of my Meredith career. Our class was so united and being able to put on that little black ring felt like I was going to be completing myself. It was perfect!”—Angel Jackson, ’13

•Cornhuskin’ is definitely the most memorable experience for me. It is a very overwhelming, yet amazing experience that truly helps define your freshman year. The whole month before, and especially the week of Cornhuskin’ is full of more activities and events than you can imagine. Be sure to get involved in whatever way that you can, because I promise it is worth it.”—Amanda Hall, ’15

•“There are so many traditions that stick out in my mind. I would have to say Class Day is probably the most memorable. It is just such a unique experience and such a special time honoring your big sis class.” – Rebecca Jernigan, ’13

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