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Meredith Students Share How They Chose a Major

For our summer series of advice from Meredith students, the Office of Admissions asked a group of returning students to talk about their Meredith experience.

This week the series is focused on the academic experience. In this installment, we asked students to talk about how they selected their majors.

• “If you chose a major that you are really interested in, it will encourage you to achieve your goals. I chose Interpersonal Communication with a K-6 Licensure because I love interacting with people particularly young children. It is important for each student to choose a major that makes them happy and sparks their interests.”—Laura Knott, ’15,

• “I chose my major (history) because I knew that is what most interested me. History is my passion, and I know that I am going to be happy for the rest of my life doing what I love.”—Hannah Thornton, ’14

• “I am still undecided as to what my major will be. I have chosen not to declare yet to ensure that I make the best decision possible.”— Jordan Capps, ’16

•“I chose my major based on my plan during high school – to become a nurse. Based on the prerequisites of nursing school, I determined that biology would be the best fit and have loved every second of it.”— Shelby Wilson, ’14

• “I knew coming in I wanted to do the Engineering Program and it is still what I want to do.” — Mary Rawls, ’14

• “My passion is interior design and I have a love for furniture so it was an easy decision.”—Jordan Cone, ’14

Want to know more about academics at Meredith? Watch this playlist featuring highlights from Meredith academic programs on our YouTube channel.

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer. Next question: What was your favorite class your first semester at Meredith?

Learn more about Meredith by contacting the Office of Admissions at 1-800-MEREDITH.

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