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Meredith Students Offer Advice on Selecting a Major

Meredith Students Offer Advice on Selecting a Major

Choosing a major is an important decision for college students. Some students arrive at with a clear idea of what major to choose, and others are inspired by their Meredith academic experiences. For this installment of our summer series, students share how they knew which major was the right choice.

“I took a career planning class my freshman year, and took advantage of a lot of activities offered by ACP [Academic and Career Planning]. I talked to my parents, career counselors, interviewed professors (thanks to them for being so approachable), took personality tests, and took an introductory class in my then-future major. All of that helped me make the decision.” — Alla Akiyeva, ’16, a business administration major

“I chose my international studies major because I traveled internationally very extensively in high school and love learning about what is going on in the world. I chose mass communication because I was told that I was a good public speaker and should look into that major. I fell in love with the communication department at Meredith and loved my Intro to Communication class that I added it as my second major.” – Abigail Lorentzen, ’16

“I came to Meredith College already committed to being a music major through the music scholarship I received. The music degree is a wonderful thing but since I want to be a singer that crosses over into acting I felt that contracting my majors in musical theatre and arts management would better suit me for what I want to do after college.”— Nicole Benjamin, ’17

“I decided I wanted to be a business administration major in high school. My main goal in life was to start my own business, plus I loved the field of marketing, so I figured the best way I could achieve my goals would be to major in business. Once I came to college and actually declared, I’ve loved every minute of it.”—Jessica Boyd, ’16 

“I’ve had an idea of what I’ve wanted to do since my junior year in high school. The design program was something I looked at when picking a school and Meredith had the perfect program. I love to design and to work with architecture and Meredith had the perfect environment.”—Rachel Anne Phelps, ’16, who is majoring in interior design and family & consumer sciences

“I realized I wanted to major in political science when I went to a women’s leadership conference and was inspired to head down the path of law.” — Daniela Carrillo Lopez, ’17

“I signed up for an introduction class because I was still on the fence. After the first week I knew I was set and that social work was the path for me,” —Melissa Jenkins, ’17

I’ve loved chemistry and problem solving since middle school, so chemical engineering seemed like a good fit.”—Megan Luke, ’16, a chemistry and chemical engineering major

“I came to Meredith knowing that I wanted to be a music education major. Throughout my life, music has been very constant, and it really made me into the woman I am today, and I just couldn’t see myself doing anything else!” — Sara Owens, ’15

Meredith College offers more than 70 undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations. Learn more about academic programs at Meredith 

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