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Meredith Students Offer Advice on Choosing a Major

Want the inside scoop on Meredith College? Hear it from our students. Meredith’s Office of Admissions asked a group of rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to share some advice that they believe would benefit an incoming freshman.

This week, we asked students a series of questions about academics at Meredith. Today’s question is: How did you choose your major?

•“I came in thinking that I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be a dance teacher. However, after taking a few classes in psychology and realizing how much I loved the subject and rekindling a passion for working with children with special needs I decided to double major in my loves of dance and psychology.”—Angel Jackson, ’13

•“I chose my major of Interior Design because it was something I fell in love with in high school after taking some classes I knew that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have always been such an art and creative type of person and this is just going to be my way of helping others bring that out in themselves while helping decorate their homes.”— Kaitlyn Turner, ’14

•“I took a Child Development class because I knew I was interested in learning about young children and their development. The class sparked my interest and I enjoyed everything I was learning and doing for the class. I am now a Child Development major obtaining a Birth through Kindergarten licensure to teach. If you think you might be interested in something, take a class in that area. Explore all of your options. Choose something that excites you and that you are passionate about!” –Brittany Murray, ’13

•“I felt challenged my biology and chemistry classes. That is what appealed to me most about the classes in the biology department. Not only that, but I realized that my future career would be one that is challenging and a constant learning experience in the medical field. I love learning and I love a challenge and this is where I happily stand today—a biology major with the end goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon.” –Pooja Ghai, ’13

•“I ended up creating a contract major in Museum Studies because I found I was drawn to educating people through that kind of medium, and it brought together a lot of my interests.” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

• “I've always been interested in meteorology, and I chose mathematics as a major so it so closely corresponds with my field.” – Megan Amanatides, ’15

•“I get that question all the time. I have always wanted to be an Interior Designer so of course I chose that as my major here at Meredith. It was one of the reasons I came here.”—Elizabeth Oates, ’13

•“I chose my major, history, because I knew that is what I was most interested in. History is my passion, and I know that I am going to be happy for the rest of my life teaching history, doing what I love.” —Hannah Thornton, ’14

•“I loved math in high school and really liked the idea of being able to apply that in engineering. I also was really attracted at the fact that I could go to two of my top three choices.”—Mary Rawls, ’13

•“Choosing my major was easy. I thought about what I loved to do or had the most interest in and that’s what I went for. I also tried to see what I thought I was gifted in. I believe everyone has talents. I don’t think anyone should grow up and into a career that they don’t love. I want to live the rest of my life doing and learning about something I am passionate about, and my passion is fashion.”—Melissa de Leon, ’14

• “I grew up dancing all of my life, so I came into Meredith already decided on a Dance Studies major. My primary interest has always been in the dance/theatre field.”— Chloë Williams, ’13

•“I’m a music education major, and I chose my major because there is nothing I love like I love music. I want other people to find that love too. Taking all the choir and orchestra classes that I took throughout middle and high school made me the woman I am today, and I want that for other people.”—Sara Owens, ’15

•“I started out in a different major and I wasn’t enjoying the classes so I started thinking about what I did like and that was English. From there I realized I really could enjoy teaching high school so I added a secondary licensure. Pick something you love or you won't do well.” – Rebecca Jernigan, ’13

For help choosing a major, visit and find out about resources available through Meredith’s Academic & Career Planning.

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