Meredith Students Offer Advice for Freshmen Year Success

Meredith Students Offer Advice for Freshmen Year Success

To help the Class of 2018 have a strong start to their Meredith experience, the Office of Admissions asked students to share advice that they believe would benefit an incoming freshman. We will post student advice on a variety of Meredith topics throughout the summer.

This week’s question: What advice would you offer an incoming freshman on how to be a strong student at Meredith? What advice helped you as a freshman?

“Be yourself! There are all different types of women from all different backgrounds and everyone leaves her own legacy here at Meredith. Make friends and get involved and keep an open mind. The environment at Meredith promotes growth and involvement and it helps young women blossom into leaders. The advice that helped me the most was to stay true to myself, get involved, and to make friends with similar interests.” — Rachel Anne Phelps, ’16

“Just remember, everyone is as anxious as you are! Everyone is starting a new chapter of their life, and they don’t really have any clue what’s going on either. But that’s the great thing about college, it’s more than learning academics, you learn who you are, what you value, and most importantly, who you want to be after you leave Meredith. So, take a deep breath, you’re fine, everyone feels the same way you do!” – Sara Owens, ’15

 “Surround yourself with people who care; and by care I mean about everything school, the community, themselves, and you. What helped me as a freshman was knowing that I had people who invested as much in me as they did themselves, which was a great foundation for everything I did my freshman year and will continue to do in the future.” — Nicole Benjamin, ’17

 “Getting involved in various organizations and activities, asking questions, meeting and getting to know your professors, and utilizing all resources that Meredith offers will help you become a stronger student. The advice that helped me the most was utilizing the resources at Meredith like the Learning Center for extra help and Academic & Career Planning to help me plan my four years at Meredith and for the future.”— Hannah Gerding, ’17

“It’s important to stay focused on what you’re really here for, which is an education. The best advice I received was that you only have a short time to make a big difference so make it count. Join clubs, make friends, create lifelong memories, and participate in traditions. Meredith is a community that wants you to experience the best four years of your life so make these four years matter.”—Jessica Boyd, ’16

 “Find your passion. Learn more about different organizations, majors and careers, and find something that interests you. If you’re passionate about what you’re studying, college will be much more enjoyable. Find a way to incorporate what you’re passionate about into your major and then your career, and work won’t feel like work.”— Megan Luke, ’16

“I was very nervous when I first came to Meredith as a freshman. I remember my student advisor told our group about adjusting and succeeding at college, “You can do it. We did it and you can.” And that’s what I would like to tell a freshman. You can do it.  My advice to freshmen is to get involved with career planning early.  It takes practice to be good at presenting yourself at career fairs and interviews, so start attending career fairs during your freshman year.” — Alla Akiyeva, ’16

“Join clubs that you have special interest in and enjoy the campus because time flies by and before you know it, your freshman year is over. The advice that helped me as a freshman would have to be to actually allow you to take naps, they really do help!”— Daniela Carrillo Lopez, ’17

“It is very important to try and get involved, but know your limits. That was the advice everyone told me before I left for college and I think that helped me become the strong student I am today and helped me find my best friends at Meredith.” — Abigail Lorentzen, ’16

“What helped me become a strong student was involving myself in non-academic activities on campus. Balance is extremely important, and joining organizations creates opportunities to socialize while exploring your interests.” — Melissa Jenkins, ’17

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer.

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