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Advice on Balancing Freshman Year Activities and Academics

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For this installment of our summer series, we asked students to share activities they participated in during their first year at Meredith and to give advice on finding a balance in a student’s busy schedule.

“I participated in Cornhuskin’ and I was the co-chair of the Freshmen Fire and Water Dinner. I had to learn to balance my time between schoolwork, my commitments with Meredith, and having fun with my friends. To be involved and succeed academically, you need to know your limits. I had to set limits on how much I could take on so that my academics and friendships did not suffer.”—Abigail Lorentzen, ’16

“Cornhuskin', Meredith Health Professions Society, Angeles Latinas, and I was the Co-Chair for Stunt. I went to all the traditions as well, and almost all the speakers that came to talk. School comes first. Find what you like and enjoy!”—Karla Salgado, ’18

“I was in Meredith Hues, Meredith Angels for the Environment (Historian), Student Government Association (Freshman Representative to the Honor Council), Meredith Herald, Honors Program. I had a schedule that allowed me to do one thing at a time.”—Matilda Odera, ’16

“I participated in Cornhuskin', CRU, Fire and Water dinner (decorations co-chair), and Big Sis/Lil Sis. It is so important to get involved freshman year. You will meet some of your best friends by participating in these activities, and I can promise you won't regret it! A planner is what helped me keep everything organized. When you receive your syllabi, I would recommend writing all assignments/exams in your planner so you don't forget to do anything.”—Emily Edwards, ’17

“Cornhuskin’, YoungLife College, Angeles Latinas, an Internship and lots of school work. The key is to sit down before the semester begins and map out what your days are going to look like on your calendar, I use my phone to put when all my classes, work, and lunches will be. Tell yourself not to stress and everything will be okay. Before you know it, the schedule on your calendar will become a habit.” –Jennifer Dominguez, ’18

I participated in many volunteering opportunities provided by Meredith such as Sparkcon, MeredithREADS, Annual Bowl Sale, and Three Sisters Garden. I was also a part of several clubs/organizations such as the Anime Angel Club, Artist Alliance, and the Meredith Hues.” –Yi Church, ’18

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