Meredith College to Participate in Food Day 2012

The Meredith College community will participate in Food Day 2012, a nationwide celebration and movement toward more healthy, affordable, sustainable food and a better food system.

The Food Day event will begin at 11 a.m. in the Science & Math Building courtyard. Educators, community representatives and vendors will share the multifaceted story of food. The fair will end at 2 p.m., with scavenger hunt prizes given after.

Food Day is a chance to celebrate real food and to encourage healthy, ethical, and ecologically sound production and consumption of food. Senior Paula Meredith is the chair of the event, and has been organizing it in conjunction with her participation in the Sophie Lanneau Women’s Leadership Development Program at Meredith College.

Food Day is a nationwide movement toward more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food culminating in a day of action on October 24 every year. It is a chance to show what our food system does right, and take action to bring us closer to a food system with “real food” that is produced with care for the environment, animals and the women and men who grow, harvest and serve it.

Food Day’s priorities are to:
• Promote safer, healthier diets and to reduce hunger
• Supporting sustainable and organic farms
• Reform factory farms to protect the environment
• Support fair working conditions for food and farm workers.

Visit for more information. To RSVP for the Meredith College event, click here.

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