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Making a Difference

I am proud that Meredith stands strong in its commitment to enhancing the lives of its students – and even prouder that they, in turn, are so committed to enhancing the lives of others

Having just celebrated its 123rd anniversary, Meredith College is known for making a difference in the lives of others throughout our community and the world. Meredith is proud to shine a spotlight on some of the ways that we work to improve all of our futures.

Our students are engaged in many learning experiences beyond the classroom – from research to internships to service to travel. Their work through clubs and organizations, performances and sports, provide education, outreach, and entertainment, as well as powerful lessons about commitment, discipline, and giving back. Critically important, therefore, is that their experiences are not just benefitting themselves, but others as well.

We are especially proud of our teacher education, one of the most prominent ways that talented Meredith students give back, especially given the declining pay and public appreciation for their work. As one of the crown jewels of the Meredith curriculum, our brand of teacher education is unique because it is not a major here, but rather a pedagogy rooted in content knowledge (history, language, math, etc.) and then brought to life by the theory and practice of high quality teaching. It is no surprise that Meredith teachers are highly sought after in the workplace.

It is also no surprise that Meredith students seek other ways to give back, and we are delighted to have established Campus Kitchens through which our nutrition students work with other students and employee volunteers to ensure a healthy meal for children in an afterschool program. It is deeply troubling that so many children and adults are “food-insecure,” uncertain whether they will be able to eat at all, much less be able to eat a healthy meal. The Meredith community is working to provide a solution.

Just as educational and food policies affect the lives of so many in our community – arguably, all of our community – it is especially fitting that we also feature alumnae who are working to make a difference in the political arena. We are mindful that neither Meredith women nor women in general hold monolithic views on our country’s ills and opportunities. That they are finding a voice in the conversation and in the organization of information and action is an important step forward for all women, regardless of our individual politics.

I am proud that Meredith stands strong in its commitment to enhancing the lives of its students – and even prouder that they, in turn, are so committed to enhancing the lives of others. Surely the key to “going strong” is looking beyond oneself and into the wider world.

Adapted from an article originally published in Meredith Magazine, Summer 2014


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