How are Meredith Students Spending the Summer?

What are some of the best ways to take advantage of the time a student has available in the summer?

Meredith’s Office of Admissions asked a group of rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to share what summer activities – research, completing internships or travel – they have planned this year.

•“I am a Fashion Design major and will be studying abroad in Paris this summer! I encourage every student that visits Meredith to try to study abroad. I think it’s important to experience a different culture’s way of living as well as their education. There is so much to learn when you get to experience living in another country. I also believe you learn more about yourself and how to become even more independent and respectful of other countries, religions or cultures.” –Melissa de Leon, ’14

•“I am working for the Art Department and doing some research on food waste. I'm also preparing for my Senior Art Exhibition and finishing details for a show I'm curating in the fall, called Wax Foundations.” – Kristen Gallagher, ’13

•“Right now, I am doing summer school but after that I will be doing research with Dr. Francie Cuffney on “The Toxicity of Nicotine Sulfate in Clams.” – Upama Karki, ’14

•“I'm focusing mainly on training for the fall season as well as some volunteer work in Miami.” – Megan Amanatides, ’15, a member of Meredith’s Avenging Angels soccer team

•“Taking two classes in summer school, and then I have the privilege of partnering up with faculty in doing undergraduate research this summer—my favorite part of the summer!” –Pooja Ghai, ’13

•“I'm studying creative writing at the University of Limerick in Ireland. The study abroad advisors were incredibly helpful and wonderful in getting me to this place.” – Rebecca Jernigan, ’13

•“I am interning at the Department of Public Instruction in the Academic Services and Instructional Support division. I am working on helping to develop the new K-12 curriculum and assessment models. I am helping to make change in incredible ways! I am taking two summer school classes as well, and working in the Learning Center.”—Hannah Thornton, ’14

•“I am taking summer school, working at Engineering Camp, working in Admissions, and working at the YMCA.”—Mary Rawls, ’13

•“I will be spending my second year at Camp Graham, a Girl Scout camp. I am a Unit Leader and will be working with both the girls at camp and assistant unit leaders.”—Angel Jackson, ’13

•“I will be working on my family farm, as well as selling fruits and vegetables for Lee’s Produce at the Farmers Market in Raleigh. I’m sure there will be several weekend beach trips and lake trips as well, but for the most part, I am just enjoying my summer with all of my family and friends.”—Amanda Hall, ’15

•“I have two internships this summer. One with the Meredith Events office, in which I help out with various summer events on-campus. The other I’m assisting Professor of Dance Alyson Colwell-Waber in planning for the North Carolina Dance Festival this September. Apart from that, I’m doing individual research for one of my classes next semester and volunteering at the American Dance Festival.” — Chloë Williams, ’13

•“Working at my job at home at a place called Firehouse Subs. It was my first job and I have been working there for four years now. I love the company and the people I work for and with.” – Kaitlyn Turner, ’14

•“This summer I am working as a nanny.”—Elizabeth Oates, ’13

•“I am working on an ongoing undergraduate research project with my faculty advisor. We use a plant that comes from Africa to prevent AIDS/HIV from travelling through the human body. So far we have had really great results!”—Shelby Wilson, ’14

•“I’m taking classes at my local college at home, and working … getting ahead in my classes, and lessening my workload for upcoming semesters.”—Sara Owens, ’15

Next question: What has been your most memorable Meredith experience so far?

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