Honoring Our Connections

Adapted from an article originally published in Meredith Magazine, Summer 2012

Whenever people learn that I work at Meredith, they respond with a warm smile and a recitation of their connections to the College: a mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, sister, cousin, niece, beloved teacher. Even our traditions connect the years, just as the senior class’s woven daisy chain entwines the graduates with a final, special memory of connections to Meredith.

My own connection to Meredith began with my sister Kay, Class of ’78, who decided to go to Meredith because her fifth grade teacher, Dorothy Bryan, inspired her with a love of learning and dignity of living, two truly beautiful characteristics of so many Meredith alumnae. (Interestingly, Mrs. Bryan’s two daughters, Anne and Julia, both went to Meredith, and Anne now serves on the College’s Board of Trustees.) Indeed, I find that the consistent story of Meredith is one of making, honoring and extending connections.

This issue of Meredith Magazine explores some other kinds of Meredith connections—those between alumnae who share a common purpose and job, those between experienced teachers and young learners, and those between our appreciation for beauty and our stewardship of this campus and our environment. As you read this special issue, I hope you will consider the many ways that Meredith makes connections in your life—between friends, colleagues and family and between jobs, common causes and passions. I also hope you will reflect on the connections of our times, the decades that have preceded us, and the years that stretch out before us.

As always, I hope you will ensure that well-connected future for Meredith with your gifts, with your referrals of wonderful students for enrollment at Meredith, and with your testimonials of the impact this College has made on your life. If you are like me, your connections to Meredith—your memories, lessons learned, friendships made—are precious and priceless.

Today, I am celebrating my connection to Meredith through a gift in honor of my sister Kay, who brought me to Meredith as a teenager and who, today, supports my life here as president.

What connects you to Meredith? Family? Friends? Faculty and staff? Your job? Your passions? Your values and character? Whatever it may be, would you make a gift in honor of that connection?

Thank you for all you do for Meredith…and especially, for staying connected.

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