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FAQs About the New

The launch of the new Meredith College website has prompted inevitable questions about where to find items, or how certain features work. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions heard by the Marketing Department staff since launch.

I can’t find …
With a new platform and site structure and a clearer external focus, the new site is very different from the old Meredith College website. This means you might have to take a different path to get the information you need.
If you enter the site on the faculty/staff gateway – located below the top navigation bar on the home page and all of the top-level pages—you will find links to information specific to our campus community, such as forms, calendars, an enews submission link, and links to campus services. Many of you have been accustomed to using enews as your default landing page; on the new site, the faculty/staff gateway will provide the quickest way to access the information you need. If you have website-related questions from individuals outside of Meredith, the audience-specific gateways (community, alumnae, etc.) will often be the easiest way to find the information they need.

What’s up with the search function?
The reaction to the website’s search function has been mixed—some users have had concerns, while others have said it’s their favorite aspect of the new site. The search issues that some experienced early on have been worked out. Refinement of the search is ongoing and is one of the top priorities at this time. The goal is to have a robust search with results that are broad enough to satisfy both outside users who may not know exactly what they’re looking for, and members of the community who are using search to supplement the site’s navigation.

Why are the URLs so long?
The longer URLs are a function of the Content Management System that runs the website. When sending electronic communications, a simple fix is to hyperlink an appropriate word or phrase, rather than writing “click here,” or including the actual URL. This has the added benefit of improving both search engine optimization (SEO) results and accessibility. In some instances, a shorter URL may truly be needed, in which case we can provide an alternative, truncated URL. Requests for shortened URLs should be discussed with the Marketing Department staff.

When will I be trained so I can make changes to my content?
The first training phase will begin in October. Content contributors are being identified and logins are being set up for that training.

How can I make updates in the meantime?
Please submit your content changes to Gaye Hill at, or Meaghan Bixby at Calendar and news entries should continue to come to Melyssa Allen at Your patience is greatly appreciated, as updates are being made as quickly as possible for the entire College.

Finally, we want to reiterate that the launch is merely the first phase in the development of the new website. We are excited about expanding many areas and features of the website to provide a vibrant and full picture of our community. Thank you for your partnership as we work together to develop this powerful marketing and communications resource.

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