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Faculty/Staff and Departmental Accomplishments 3/26/14

Faculty/Staff and Departmental Accomplishments 3/26/14

In this issue, we celebrate the accomplishments of members of Meredith’s faculty and staff, from departments including art, business, communication, economics, education, English, foreign languages & literatures, and psychology.

Professor of Dance Alyson Colwell-Waber taught two master classes at the Mid-Atlantic region’s American College Dance Festival held at George Mason University, March 8-11, 2014. Students and faculty from a wide variety of colleges and universities in the region took her “Intermediate/Advanced Modern Technique” and her “Yoga for Dancers” classes. She was at the festival with colleague Carol Finley and 14 Meredith College dance students.

Associate Professor of Education Mary Kay Delaney’s son Michael Mayer played for Williams College in the NCAA Division III basketball championship game on Saturday, March 22. He and his family were featured in an news story, and Delaney was able to get a Meredith College mention into the article. 

Assistant Professor of Education Tisha Duncan was recognized for her service to the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented. She was also named one of NCAGT's “Faces of the Future” during the 40th annual conference held in Winston-Salem, NC. The “Faces of the Future” are a group of 24 individuals committed to ensuring that gifted and talented students are recognized, highly valued, and passionately supported in North Carolina.

Professor of Psychology Cynthia Edwards and students Lara Pantlin, ’14, and Puja Patel, ’14, traveled to Boston over spring break to present their research at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association. Pantlin and Edwards worked with Doreen Fairbank on “Stress and social support during the first year of college.”  Patel and Edwards’ project was “Parent-child communication amongst Asian families and its relationship to bicultural self-efficacy in young adults.”

Associate Professor of English Laura Fine was quoted in a March 6, 2014, New Yorker article, “How to Be a Good Bad American Girl,” that compares the young female protagonists of To Kill a Mockingbird and Harriet the Spy.
From the story: “Scout’s father, the eloquent lawyer Atticus Finch, is, like Jem, a significant figure in Scout’s development, but it is Boo Radley—the middle-aged recluse living in the dilapidated house three doors down, who leaves thoughtful, handmade gifts for the Finch children— who is, as the scholar Laura Fine puts it, Scout’s “projected double,” a representative of her rebellion against conventional ways of living.”  Read the full article

Associate Professor of Art Shannon Johnstone continues to gain attention for her Landfill Dogs photography project. Johnstone’s work to use photography to help find permanent homes for dogs in the Wake County Animal Center was featured in the April 2014 issue of Cesar’s Way, a magazine by Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, and her photos are part of a contest sponsored by WTVD. The contest provides individual winners with a $200 prize, and a $200 donation to the Wake County Animal Center. Johnstone is now working with The Humane Society of the United States as a volunteer photographer. Her work has been used to publicize three puppy mill busts in North Carolina.

Associate Professor of Business Mary Jane Lenard presented a paper, co-authored with Assistant Professor of Business Bing Yu and Associate Professor of Economics Anne York and Shengxiong Wu, of Texas Wesleyan University, at the Southwest American Accounting Association Conference in Dallas, Texas held March 13-14, 2014. The paper, titled "Impact of Audit Committee Gender Diversity on Bank Risk", examines gender diversity on the audit committee in relation to the risk of banks as measured by the variability of stock market return.  The study shows that more gender diversity on the audit committee impacts firm risk by contributing to lower variability of stock market return, finding that there is an inverse relationship between the percentage of female directors on the audit committee and the variability of corporate performance. The research design and findings of this paper assist in providing additional evidence about the role of women in corporate leadership positions and the association with corporate performance.

Associate Professor of Mass Communication Doug Spero was quoted in a Variety article about the increasing focus on morning show anchors and their personal lives. Spero says the morning shows are entertainment, rather than news programs. The story ran on March 17. Read the article

Professor of Human Environmental Sciences Deborah Tippett presented two sessions at the North Carolina Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Meeting on February 21-22. Tippett was the opening speaker of the conference, presenting “Celebrating Our History.” On Saturday, February 22, she presented a full day workshop on “Becoming Stronger.”

Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Jonathan Wade presented the paper “How to Play a Player: Teaching Don Juan at a Women's College” at the 2014 AHCT Symposium of Golden Age Theater in El Paso, Texas, on February 28, 2014.

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