Annual Event Showcases Summer Research

Meredith’s annual “A Taste of Research” event put the spotlight on summer research efforts on September 29, 2010.
This culminating event for students participating in summer research was held in the Science and Mathematics Building Atrium. Students shared poster presentations featuring results from their projects.

Summer 2010 researchers included Melissa Burton, Kristen Gallagher, Katherine Hosford, Aatiquah Khalid, Robyn Kennedy, Patricia McQuaid, Katelyn Moore, Zeenat Razvi, Ai-vy Riniker, Chelsea Stith, and Wendy Zuluaga.

The student presenters recommended summer research to their fellow students.

“I worked for eight hours each day in the lab, which really let me get to know the biological sciences faculty and staff,” said Ai-vy Riniker. “The feel of campus is different in the summer. I really fell in love with my research.”

Riniker is continuing her research this semester. The summer project “accelerated my learning process,” she said. “This semester in class these topics make so much more sense because I spent this time with them during the summer.”

Another student researcher, Robyn Kennedy, emphasized the importance of working with a faculty mentors in depth on the summer research efforts.

“Having a great advisor is really important,” said Kennedy, who worked with Associate Professor of Psychology Mark O’Dekirk. “He offered feedback, support and motivation.”

Disciplines represented ranged from the biological sciences to psychology and art.

Topics included the following:

•Melissa Burton--Study of the mechanism of metal induced aggregation of the beta amyloid peptide;

•Kristen Gallagher– “Discoveries in Encaustic: A Look Through History” (Encaustic art technique throughout Greek, Egyptian, and Modern Eras and seeks to define the relevance of the medium in contemporary art. Encaustic is an artistic method that requires the heating of beewax and pigment to create a paint that is applied warm to a variety of surfaces.);

•Robyn Kennedy– “Effect of a Stressful Situation on Context-Dependent Memory Utilizing Skydiving and Simulated Body Flight”;

•Aatiqah Aakifah Khalid– “HIV protease inhibition abilities of Tylosema fassoglensis”;

•Katelyn R. Moore– “Self-Esteem and Design Skills in Adolescents”;

•Sayyeda Zeenat Anwer Razvi– “Investigating the Role of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(1-methyl-4-pyridinio)Porphyrin as an Iron (II) Chelator that will facilitate the release of Iron from a Siderophore through Reduction by NADH”; and

•Ai-vy Riniker–“Tissue Culture, Plant Regeneration, and DNA Extraction of Tylosema Fassoglense”.

Students: Interested in participating in summer research for 2011? Click here to learn about the application process. Deadlines will be in early April.

Date Submitted: 2010-09-30

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