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Business in China

An enthusiastic group of MBA students had the trip of a lifetime during their recent visit to China where they had a unique opportunity to experience the culture, history, and business environment of the world’s fastest growing major economy.  The trip was part of a summer elective, Business in China, that includes a 14-day excursion to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing.  This exciting journey combines the history and culture of China with global business.  Corporate visits during the trip included stops at Lenovo, Mercedes-Benz, and HP - as well as a silk factory and jade workshop. These visits provided a deep understanding of both the challenges and opportunities within the business landscape. Students also took in cultural sites, such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. 

This special program was led by Dr. Ying Liao, Dr. Rebecca Oatsvall, and Dr. Jeff Langenderfer.

A group of MBA students on their recent visit to China

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