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Dr. James Hoeschele to present a seminar on the discovery of Cisplatin

The Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Geoscience is excited to host Dr. James Hoeschele this week.

Dr. Hoeschele will be presenting a seminar on the discovery and development of one of the most widely used cancer drugs to date, Cisplatin. The seminar will be on Friday, April 11 from 1-2 PM in SMB 260, followed by a question and discussion period from 2-3 PM.

"Serendipity and the Prepared Mind: The Discovery and Development of the Antitumor Drug, Cisplatin"


The serendipitous discovery of Cisplatin by Dr. Barnett Rosenberg, Loretta Van Camp and co-workers at Michigan State University led to the world-wide use of one of the most important anticancer drugs in the history of cancer chemotherapy. The clinical success of Cisplatin, the first metal-based anticancer drug approved by the FDA (1978), inspired a renaissance in the field of Contemporary Bioinorganic Chemistry. This talk will chronologically highlight the fascinating details of the discovery of Cisplatin, a 5-year effort. The discovery is a prime example of the use of the scientific method of observation, hypothesis and the testing of hypotheses.

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