Meredith Mayhem


If you love to win, you'll love Meredith Mayhem! A friendly competition between classes, this is your chance to prove that your class is the best, once and for all. Meredith Mayhem will kick off February 27 and run through June 30, the end of the fiscal year. Check back here every Monday afternoon throughout the competition to see where your class stands. And may the best class win!

Big Dance Board
The class that exceeds its goal will appear on the Big Dance Board.
Updated: 3/02/2015

 Rank   Class YearTotal DonorsGoal %Current %% Points Above
1.   Class of 20086112%18%6%
2.   Class of 19482523%28%5%
3.   Class of 20046913%17%4%
4.   Class of 196510760%64%4%
5.   Class of 19855215%18%3%
6.   Class of 19906215%17%2%
7.   Class of 20064110%12%2%
8.   Class of 198010435%36%1%
9.   Class of 19533747%48%1%
10.   Class of 19864012%13%1%
11.   Class of 19956315%16%1%
12.   Class of 19666443%43%0%
13.   Class of 19513033%33%0%
14.   Class of 1943619%19%0%

Bench Warmers
Classes that have NOT met their goal.

 Rank   Class YearClass MembersTotal NeededCurrent Donors% of Goal
NR   Class of 1957101484798%
NR   Class of 195583454498%
NR   Class of 1961124656194%
NR   Class of 1988313312994%
NR   Class of 1981288696493%
NR   Class of 1975296888293%
NR   Class of 1993431433991%
NR   Class of 1973236666091%
NR   Class of 1967155575291%
NR   Class of 1982280817188%

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