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Collaborative Problem Solver: Cas Roberts, ’12

By Melyssa Allen

Professors, students, staff – everyone at Meredith – is working toward the same goal: to create a better world full of strong, empowered, capable women

Using her creativity to fix problems is all in a day’s work for Cas Roberts, ’12.

Roberts is a user experience web developer at Red Hat, a leading software company based in Raleigh, N.C.

“As a web developer, a big part of my job is finding creative ways to present information and fix problems,” Roberts said. “I write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for, research user experiences, fix bugs, generate ideas for design, and build pages both in Drupal and with raw HTML.”

Cas RobertsRoberts identifies perseverance as one of her strengths, and she has found this quality helpful in her career.

“A good percentage of the solutions I try don’t end up working but I file that information away and keep pushing forward,” Roberts said.

While she estimates that 70% of her working hours are spent coding, Roberts also collaborates with other teams to design better experiences for Red Hat customers. Thanks to her experience in Meredith’s computer science program, Roberts is confident in her ability to code and to work successfully on a team.

Roberts learned these skills through hands-on experience in her Meredith classes. “We had the opportunity to live code in class and work collaboratively, which is very rare in most computer science courses,” said Roberts. “When you code collaboratively, you learn a lot more a lot faster.”

The real world experience offered at Meredith is crucial, Roberts said.

“You’re not going to learn code by passively watching someone else write it,” she said. “You have to get into it, get really tangled up in it, and ask how you could make it better.”Roberts believes the environment at Meredith inspires constant improvement.

“Professors, students, staff – everyone at Meredith – is working toward the same goal: to create a better world full of strong, empowered, capable women.”

Roberts praised Meredith faculty members who knew her learning style and taught in ways that were accessible to students.

“They let me ask questions and experiment, and engaged me in the whole subject, not just materials for the test,” Roberts said. “I bring that same enthusiasm to my job now. I question, study and try new things, and in the process, push the envelope for good web development.”

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Meredith Magazine.

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