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Strong Stories

Ahead of Her Time

Ahead of Her Time

When Susan Jackson Mellette, ’42, decided to pursue a career in medicine, female physicians were... more

Honors Students Going Strong

Honors Students Going Strong

Through the honors program, our strongest students are challenged to become even stronger.


A Strong Woman Trusts Her Instincts

A Strong Woman Trusts Her Instincts

Everything just felt right for Breanna Sullins, ’15, from the moment she turned on to... more

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Meredith College made the “Top 50 Alma Maters of National Board Certified Teachers in 2014.... read more »

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Strong, knowledgeable, and ethical human resource management professionals are always in high demand. To... read more »

Nathan Wolfe

Pandemic Expert and “Virus Hunter” Nathan Wolfe will present the Meredith College 2015... read more »


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Dec 12 / 12:12 pm
Meredith students let loose and #shakeitoff at the end of the semester #shakeitoffMCstyle youtu.be/HV_eWgADHh8