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Strong Achievements

Strong Achievements

Meredith College’s annual Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day offers a full slate of research presentations, performances and award ceremonies that showcase the work of students. More than 125 students presented research during the 2013 event, held on Tuesday, April 16.

President Jo Allen calls CSA Day her favorite day of the year.

“On Celebrating Student Achievement Day, the work of the College is really on display,” Allen said in her welcoming remarks.

Throughout the day, Meredith College students made presentations on research from a variety of academic areas. Session topics included Music: Performance, Innovation and Technique; Exercise, Practice & Performance; Perception, Image & Design in Art; and Exploration in Biological Sciences.

In a session titled Perspectives from History & Religion, senior Sarah Azam shared her research "The Great Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947," and the effects of this historic split on families in the area. As part of her research project, Azam interviewed people who lived in the area at the time of The Great Partition. She found many common themes, including trauma, politics, religion and the effect of families. Her research has sparked an interest that she plans to continue.

“I started with one question – how were families affected by The Great Partition – and I ended with a million more,” Azam said. “I hope to continue this research in graduate school, seeking out more people to tell their stories while they still can.”

Professor of Human Environmental Sciences Deborah Tippett, who served as Azam’s faculty advisor, said seeing the results of student research projects is rewarding.

“It is one of the most rewarding experiences that can happen to a faculty member,” Tippett said. “It is a joy to see your students excel and to see them benefit from your input.”

In addition to the academic research presentations, Celebrating Student Achievement Day includes award ceremonies for leadership and academic achievement, a showcase of work by students in the interior design program, dance and music performances, a reveal of the latest issue of The Colton Review, the College’s literary and art journal, and a presentation by winners of the study abroad essay contest.

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