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Strong Story | Kirby Jones

Strong Story | Kirby Jones

For Meredith Legacy Scholar and Teaching Fellow, Kirby Jones, ‘19, taking on leadership roles and extra curricular activities hasn’t always been easy.

“Because I can be a bit shy, it was difficult for me to get plugged in my freshman year,” said Jones, “I was nervous to try new things and seek out new mentors.” 

Throughout her first year on campus, she began to build relationships with faculty members and upperclassmen, who she said really affirmed her strengths and passions. Now a sophomore, Jones has conducted undergraduate research, become a student adviser, and holds an internship with Young People For (YP4), a national organization that helps students develop and implement a blueprint for social justice in the community.

Through studying English and pursuing 9-12 licensure, Jones has been able to combine her passions for teaching and social justice. An opportunity to do research in religion and literature gave Jones the chance to not only improve her textual analysis skills, but also made her a more culturally aware person. 

“With the growing diversity in schools, I think that’s really important,” she said.

In the future, Jones plans to start her own educational non-profit, a dream she discovered through her internship with YP4. 

“I’ve realized a lot of learning is done outside of the classroom,” she said, “and that some of the most meaningful experiences are the ones you don’t get a grade for.”

Though Meredith has inspired Jones to take more risks, she believes what really makes her strong is her willingness to ask questions.

“I feel like women aren’t usually expected to do that, but at Meredith, we’re encouraged to do so,” she said. During the rest of her time here, Jones plans to continue taking risks and asking questions, and will use her leadership roles to inspire other students to do the same.

By Cailyn Clymore, '18

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